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YHTL Weekly Highlights – 8 to 21 May 2017

Those eagle-eyed mathematicians among you will have spotted from the beautifully presented featured image that this weekly highlights package actually covers two whole weeks of joyful merriment. ‘But why?’ I hear you scream at your computer like a parent wondering why their toddler has pissed all over the carpet again instead of in the specially bought potty. I’ll tell you why dear reader. It’s because I was on holiday last week in sunny Cyprus and Fran didn’t want to steal my thunder by writing the weekly highlights.

Judging by the zero email complaints, I’m safely assuming that no-one apart from me actually noticed the gaping hole in last Sunday’s entertainment schedule. Either way, we’re back this week and this one is going to blow your socks off with its length and capacity for invoking joy in its readers. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Disappointment will come in 5… 4… 3… 2… 1…


Across the two Mondays we had two genius comedy interviews as part of our weekly series, ‘So You Think You’re Funny?‘ featuring the excellent Lucy from Muffin Top Mummy and the actually genuinely quite talented and funny Fran from Whinge Whinge Wine and the slightly less popular You Have To Laugh. You can see what they had to say below, through the medium of pretty icons with magical hyperlinks lurking within. It’s witchcraft I tell you!








It’s like that 2 for Tuesday offer that they have an that company that I can’t actually remember, but with blog posts, as we brought you 2 sensational featured posts since our last highlights package. They were from mumonthenetheredge and Tales From Mamaville, both of whom are awesome writers. One was about the the tragedy of an affair of a man in Sheffield with an inanimate object and the other was about a toddler taking an accidental dump in his pants. If those intros haven’t got you diving to click on the links below there really is no hope for you…







Two more blobs of awesomeness are about to hit you in the chops like a wet kipper and they are from new contributor It’s A Drama and second-timer Old House In The Shires. The first was about being verbally caught out by your teenager – the second was about the minor annoyances about the process of bringing a small person into the world.








Just the one featured post spread across the two weeks, as we don’t generally do featured posts on a Thursday unless we spank out a review of something or I get inspired by something annoying to write some sarcastic, snarky fake news. This time around it was tour operators that choose to drop you back at the airport 3 hours before your flight is due to leave that got my goat. Here is that mild rage manifesting itself in fake news format…

Fran also knocked out a bit of a #YHTLchat, albeit slightly later than usual! To be fair it was more on time than my one for this week, which still hasn’t technically happened…

The question was:

The answers were:


The Fridays saw another two excellent featured posts, this time from Frenchie Mummy about Frenchie poops and MadDadSkillz about small person humour! They’re both very different, but both very funny in very different ways! Have a look!








How many posts can we squeeze into one highlights package, eh?! Well here’s another two that appeared on consecutive Saturdays, from Pass The Wine Please and Colley’s Wobbles, both regular contributors to our wonderful website of joy. Below you will find some not-particular-helpful tips for fussy eating children and a plethora of superhero children with some equally super pictures! What’s not to love?!








In lieu of my regular weekly ramblings, Daddy Poppins stepped into the breech last Sunday with a really rather spiffing review of a device that helps you find your car keys when your toddler has put them somewhere ‘helpful’. There’s an associated competition to win one of the aforementioned devices, so if you like free stuff and you have a tendency to lose your ‘shit’ it’s well worth checking out this post!

Stop losing your, er, stuff: The Xupo smart bluetooth tracker - WIN!

We’ve also been featuring lots of brilliant answers to our revolutionary blogger tag challenge, imaginatively title the #youhavetolaughtag. Every time we spot a new post we add the link to our master post, so scroll to the bottom of the following link and you too can a have a gander at what some other brilliant bloggers have made of our tag questions!

#youhavetolaugh tag

And there ends our whistle stop tour of the last 2 weeks in comedy land. It just leaves me to say that if you fancy seeing photos of me in shorts with some mildly amusing supporting text you can have a read about my awesome week in Cyprus by clicking the pretty picture below. I took that picture. Good, eh?!

Warning – clicking the link below takes you to the sparsely populated world of my own blog – hence the featured image below has a different font and purple bits instead of #7ea1ad. It’s like a branding masterclass, I’m sure you’ll agree…

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