Thursday, May 23, 2024

Privacy Policy

Here at You Have To Laugh we take your privacy and your information seriously. We don’t take many things seriously but your privacy and information are definitely two things we do!

Third Parties

We won’t pass on your details to any third party unless you expressly consent to us doing so. We don’t really collect many details from you so in all honesty there’s not much we could pass on even if we wanted to!

What We Do Collect

What we do ‘collect’ is anonymised data from all visitors so we know which articles people like to read. We do this through Google Analytics which is a third party app supplied by, if you can’t already guess, Google. All we get from this is numbers telling us statsy type stuff like what time of day and what country our visitors have arrived from and how you found our site.

We might collect email addresses and names as part of giveaways that we run on the blog or through social media or as part of our yearly awards. We only collect these so we can make sure you only enter once and that we can contact you if you win. Once the competition is over we delete them all within 7 days of the competition closing.

However, sometimes we will need to pass on a winner’s details to the company supplying the prize so they can send it out, but we’ll let you know if we need to do that to make sure you’re OK with that first.

Mailing List

We also have a mailing list so that people can choose to receive emails with our recent posts in them. We won’t trick you into signing up for this as there’s no point spunking emails out to you if you don’t want to read them!

If you want to sign up to our mailing list you can do so, but you can remove your consent at any time and we’ll delete your details immediately. We hate getting emails from companies we never knew we signed up with so you won’t get anything like that from us. Along with peanuts and Two Broke Girls, unsolicited emails are literally one of the things we hate the most!

I think that’s about all for now but if we think of anything else we’ll update this page!

If you would like any further details on this, or anything else about the site, drop us at email to