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Epic Escapes: The Closest Thing To A Real Escape Room In Your Own Home

Gifted for review purposes – all views are our own

We love the whole concept of escape rooms in our house. We’ve visited a fair few both together, and separately with friends, and have always enjoyed the fun and excitement of solving puzzles and finding clues within the time limit.

We’ve also worked our way through a load of escape rooms of various forms at home over the past few years, with varying degrees of enjoyment and success! Although some of these play-at-homes games have been good fun, they’ve never managed to replicate the actual escape room experience, as they’ve generally involved sitting still around a table looking through scraps of paper.

This is why the idea of the Escape Room In A Box from Epic Escapes sounded so awesome when we read about it, because it promised to bring the escape room concept to your own home in a way I haven’t seen before. With Father’s Day on the way and a weekend off from work to go with it, there’s no better time to give this a go!

Put simply, instead of sitting around a game board looking at things, with the Escape Room In A Box concept a host is appointed whose job it is to set up all the clues and pieces of evidence needed to create an actual escape room in your own home.

So instead of sitting around a table you’ll be hunting for clues around an actual room in your house, like you would do in a ‘proper’ escape room. Much more fun and much more interactive!

This box set includes 3 distinct escape rooms aimed at 3 different skill levels – easy, intermediate and hard. Each game is completely self-contained, with all the necessary props and clues contained within one of 3 game envelopes as shown in the photo above. There are some instructions for the host for each game to help them set up the props and conceal the clues and a few ‘shared components’ which are used in all 3 games.

The host spends a few minutes setting everything up before up to 6 players attempt to solve the riddles and escape from the room within the sixty minute time limit. The host can either just sit back and watch or can get involved by guiding the players and reading out some hints if they get really stuck, so even though the host doesn’t actually escape themselves they can still have a lot of fun!

Although some of the puzzles are similar to some of the play-at-home escape rooms we’ve played in the past, we really enjoyed the extra element of moving around looking for the clues, which made the whole thing feel a lot more like an actual escape room.

One of the other big bonuses of this concept that sets it apart from other escape rooms is that all the games are completely replayable. This means you can replay the games with other groups of friends or family at any time, which is a definite bonus.

The Escape In A Box retails at £99, which may at first feel like quite a big investment. However, when you consider it’s 3 games in one, looks really professional and has infinite replay value then it turns out to be a decent investment in something that’s a little bit different to the norm. If you fancy finding out more details and are considering getting one for yourself you can find out everything you would ever want to know at the Epic Games website.

Whether you fancy picking up a copy for the family to enjoy this coming Father’s Day, or if you are planning a games night with your friends soon, this set really is worth a look.

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