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Attractive In Every Way: Magnetic Photos from Printster

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Long gone are the days where every photo you took was printed out via your local pharmacy and lovingly displayed in a photo album. Or rather, a few of the photos were put in a photo album whilst the others were binned because they were out of focus, too dark, or had a thumb across the front of them!

These days we all take hundreds of photos using our phones or digital cameras, but the vast majority never physically exist outside of our devices. They just sit in a folder on your phone hoping to be looked at one day in the future when you’re feeling nostalgic!

Well now, courtesy of the rather easy to use Printster website, you can pick out some of your favourite images and get them printed onto something physical you’ll get to see every day, in real life.

There are lots of options, from cushions to socks, and keyrings to coasters, but my personal favourite are these awesome magnetic photos that you can display on any metal surface. So, a bit like normal fridge magnets, but ones you’ll actually want to look at, rather than tacky seaside ones you feel obliged to stick on your fridge because Aunty Beryl bought you one back from Skegness in 1992.

You can upload whichever selection of photos takes your fancy from your phone, tablet or computer and Printster will magically turn them into the lovely magnetic prints shown above.

These photo fridge magnets come in packs of 12 and each image is 75mm x 75mm in size. We went for a different image on each magnet, but they also do a photo collage pack of 12, which allows you to make up one big image from 12 individual pieces for the same price if you prefer.

Both types are currently £10.99 per set of 12, which to me feels like pretty good value. I’ve had some for a few years now, and they still look just as good as when we got them!

These are the ones we have just received to add to our collection:

The images are clear, bright and crisp and produce a really striking effect against our brushed silver fridge.

I’ve already given one set of 12 to my mum and she loves them too, and has already got them all neatly lined up on her freezer, so there’s another good vote of confidence!

We also went for a couple of photo coasters, to update our collection. As with the photo magnets you can choose any photo you like, and simply upload it via the website.

The ones we went for measure 9cm x 9cm and are sold individually, but you can also opt for packs of 4 to get more value. You can also get multiple photos on one mat, or mats that incorporate your choice of text alongside your photo, or you can incorporate your image into one of their own designs.

There’s plenty of choice and with 219 coaster options available on the website you’d struggle not to find what you were looking for! Our individual image coasters come in at £3.50 each, which is the same price as many of the other design options like those below:

With Christmas rapidly approaching it’s well worth a good look through the Printster website if you’re looking for that personalised touch for your friends and family.

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