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Coolest Present Ideas For Your Brother (Under £150)

Buying presents for your family and friends is never an easy task.

You have to come up with good present ideas, but you feel like you’ve run out of them.

As a girl, sometimes it’s near impossible to figure out what your brother wants.  And you can’t be giving your brother a pair of socks again, even if they say “dude” on them.

If you are looking for a present which is a bit different this year check out this list!

Here are the coolest present ideas for your brother for under £150.

1. A Seiko 5 Sports “Sea Urchin” automatic watch

If your brother likes sports, he will also like this watch. The new design is water resistant to up to 7 bar. He can even take it diving.

The silver bracelet matches any outfit during the day. Not to mention that every time your brother checks the time, he will think of you. So cute!

It’s an elegant choice for a present that matches any sort of occasion. I think your brother is going to love it.

2. Pilot Starter Lesson

No matter how old your brother is, this is the best present ever. The adrenaline rush that comes from a Pilot Starter Lesson simply cannot be matched by anything else.

Credit for image High Flying Helicopter

Being a pilot, even if just for a short time, is a childhood dream come true.

Who needs toy helicopters when you can play with real ones? This is a great feeling everyone should experience.

Your brother will learn the vocabulary used in the industry while communicating with the air-traffic control. He will feel like he’s in an adventure movie. Like he is Tom Cruise in “Mission: Impossible”.

The views that come with it are amazing as well, and definitely worth mentioning. The cars look like toy models. The humans are ants. The world is your brother’s playground. It’s simply the best way to discover the Surrey countryside.

Probably the best part of this experience is the moment when the controls to the helicopter are handed over. The adrenaline rush, heart pumping faster than usual, the excitement of doing something completely new make those moments seem like hours.

Very cool idea, but most probably unaffordable, you might think. You might be surprised to find out that the price for this activity is just £120.

Your brother gets to fulfill a childhood dream for less than £150.
You get to feel like a hero for less than £150.

And who knows maybe he will like it so much he will want to become a licensed pilot and then you’ll have someone to take you on trips abroad!  How cool is that?!

3. DCH-330 Quadcopter drone

This is among the most affordable drones for beginners. It can also be flown inside and it has plastic protectors for the blades, which means that even if your brother crashes it a few times, it should still be fine.

The built in video camera provides HD image. It’s perfect for taking holiday pictures. Who doesn’t want the perfect memory to look back on?

And if your brother’s holiday is still far away, no worries, he can discover his own city from different angles, or just plain mess around.

It’s fun, it’s exciting to fly it and, on top of that, it takes perfect pictures. You can find out more about it and other drone models here.

Buying presents doesn’t have to be a stressful activity. I hope you’ve found something extra special for your brother here!


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