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So You Think You’re Funny? – Season 2 Episode 6 – Fran from Whinge Whinge Wine

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So it’s taken me until now to get around to filling out my own questions. Yes, it feels stupid answering them, but to be frank, we’ve almost run out of willing victims.  Email us if you want to take part!

1.Tell us about yourself in 20 words or less:

I’m Fran. I’m always tired. I like wine, but not for breakfast. I dislike poor grammar and mushrooms.

2. How would your child(ren) describe you?

Not as fun as daddy.

3. When and why did you last properly laugh out loud?

I received a Facebook message from Terry of Notaneffingfairytale whilst I was in Sainsbury’s and burst out laughing.

4. Do you try to be funny when you are writing? Tell us a bit about your blogging ‘process’.

No, I don’t try to do anything really, I just write the same way I talk. I do go back in and edit, but generally to make it shorter, not funnier. I don’t have a ‘process’, sorry. What a stupid question, who even set these?

5. What is the funniest thing you’ve read in the past few months?

I read an article in the Independent today by Mark Steel: Labour’s leaked manifesto proves it’s stuck in the 1970s, unlike those ultra-modern Tories who love fox hunting. And anything at all by Notaneffingfairytale. Oh and James’ post about blogging. I like his satire stuff. Don’t tell him, he’ll get a big head.

6. What are the best and worst things about becoming a parent?

Best – I don’t have to go to work with morons. Worst – the constant feeding. They need food like five times a day, and you have to make it, and then clean up after it, wash, rinse, repeat.

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7. Do your friends/family find you funny in ‘real life’?

My husband has always said, and maintains, that I’m ‘not funny at all’. He’s clearly wrong, I’m hilarious.

8. Go on, say something funny!

I’ll tell you the best joke I’ve heard today… I’ve just been diagnosed colour blind! It came right out of the yellow. Got like four re-tweets, that did.

9. How did you get into writing and why?

I was bored on maternity leave with a non-sleeping baby and lots of rage, so I thought I would channel it into something and writing won because my art work sucks and I’m not much of a performing artist.

10. If you could only have one meal every day for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

Sushi! I could just eat sashimi. Which would be handy if I was stuck on an island with maybe a fast running river.

11. Complete the sentence; ‘Since having a child…’

I look like shit, and some days I don’t even leave the house. But my heart is fuller. Or something.

12. In your opinion, what is the worst children’s TV show, and why?

So many to choose from, this really is an impossible question. Because we don’t have ‘live TV’ if I don’t like it that strongly, we just don’t watch it. We watch a lot of Peppa Pig, and that’s pretty awful for so so many reasons; I’ve written extensively (well, once) on the subject.

13. Please tell us about your blog and why we should visit:

My blog is Whinge Whinge Wine. You should visit because my stats are pretty shocking and I could do with the advertising revenue.

So that’s Fran for you in a nutshell. She’s a pretty funny lady isn’t she?

Assuming someone else sends some answers to us soon there will be another comedy interview this time next week. If not I’ll just make up some answers and pretend to be someone else. Stan from Binge Binge Wine, the food & drink blog perhaps. You’ll find out in just 7 days. It’s sure fire edge-of-your-seat stuff and no mistake…

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