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YHTL Weekly Highlights – 4 to 17 Sep 2017

‘Are you absolutely sure you want me to send you this?’ she typed, secretly knowing what the answer would be before she even hit send.

‘Only if you’re absolutely sure you want me to see it’ came the reply.

They had talked about this before. In fact all of their recent chats had been gradually building up towards this moment when she would eventually share with him the thing he wanted to see from her the most. At some stage in the past he had simply wanted to see it. Now he was absolutely certain that he needed to see it!

‘Well it is rather a lot’, she typed. ‘I don’t want it to change things between us.’

‘I don’t want you to think that I’m pressuring you’ came his reply. ‘I won’t mention it again. We have so many other wonderful things between us – this is just a really small part of what we have, so don’t even think about it again’.

‘I don’t feel pressured. I never feel pressured. But I really want you to have it. I want you to have everything.’

As he stood there in the office, he could think about nothing else. He had never wanted something so badly in all of his life and he knew he was closer than he had ever been to getting it. But he knew he should play it cool.

‘It’s OK. Really it is. Let’s talk about something else. How is your weather where you are? It’s sunny up my way, although they say there might be a storm later this evening.’

‘Why are you changing the subject?!’ she enquired, knowing exactly why he had changed the subject.

‘I’m not. I was just saying…’

‘Are you honestly ready for this?’

‘I am. I really am.’

‘OK. I’m overthinking this. You should just have it.’

He realised that he hadn’t taken a breath during their last few messages. He could feel his heart beating wildly within his chest. He stared at his phone, waiting for all of his dreams to come true.

‘Here you go’ she typed after what must have seemed like a lifetime.

Finally he had it. He stared at him phone, hardly comprehending what she had given him. He clicked on the link and there it was.

The YHTL Weekly Highlights.

He had seen little bits before, but never seen anything like this. The whole thing, in one stunning package – and all just for him (and the other 4 people that would be reading it that week).

As the delight of parenting comedy took over his mind and his body he just knew it was going to be an amazing…


Two Mondays being covered in this highlights package must surely mean two comedy parenting interviews, right?


But we did have one, and it was this one from our Twitter friend @bemusedmama. Have a read!


In celebration of the return to school for many of our small people, we did a whole week of relevant posts the week before last. Today we featured this classic one from our (mostly) anonymous friend Mumonthenetheredge about all the wonderful things we as parents can learn from the first school term! You can tell it’s an old one because we weren’t even using #7ea1ad as the background colour on our text box back then. The shame of it.

This Tuesday we featured our most distant regular contributor, Mom Of Two Little Girls, all the way from sunny SA, and her excellent post about the many and varied reasons she isn’t always thrilled about being a housewife. It’s a bit tongue in cheek, of course. Much like 95% of this website!


We popped back to the return to school / nursery theme today with a very funny and very familiar post about nursery life from Tales From Mamaville. I can pretty much relate to all of these!

This week we popped back for another oldie but definitely goodie, this time from Daddy Poppins with his tale about turning into his mother. It comes to all of us, just some rather earlier than others!


School week continued in full effect today with a series of truth bombs about school life provided for your reading pleasure by the lovely Shinners & The Brood, who coincidentally has one of my favourite blog headers. The post is good too though – have a look!

This Thursday saw me whine on about the many and variously ridiculous sob stories that X Factor contestants trot out in order to gain a bit of sympathy and a maybe a few votes. Or probably more accurately, X Factor execs make them trot out this stream of shite so that more viewers will tune in. Either way it still gets right on my rapidly growing man tits.


Back to school week was coming towards its natural calendar end, but that didn’t stop the Queen of doodles, Beta Mummy, slipping in this super duper pictorial classic about school uniforms and the fact that they a) don;t always look amazing to start with and b) certainly won’t look amazing come day 3 at school!

This Friday the uber prolific always-deliverer that is Bell From Bow featured again with her post about the importance of mum and dad mates. They really are one of the few things that might just help you keep your sanity during the roller coaster that they call  parenthood!

Finally I made up this little thingy, including a lovely photo of Joshua trashing the sofa in his pants. Nearly 20,000 people have seen it, so why not pop along and have a laugh too! There’s plenty more where that came from on our Dad Jokes page too and we are always sharing funny stuff on our Facebook page, so check them all out!


The return to school themed week drew to a close last week with a post that is our all-time most viewed one on the website. It comes to you from Thimble & Twig and really is a goodie. If you want to see why so many people loved it have a read!

This week on Saturday we simply took the opportunity to tell you that quite ridiculously I’m delivering the keynote comedy speech at this year’s BlogOn Xmas Conference! So if any of you are going, please clap and laugh at appropriate moments between 10:50 and 11:00am on Sunday coming up in Manchester! See you there! I’ll be the one with damp trousers from having pissed myself with fear…

YHTL Awards

Before we go just a MASSIVE REMINDER to nominate your favourite comedy bloggers for our inaugural YHTL Awards 2017. All of the details are on the link below, but really all you need to do is scroll down the post by 30th September and pick your favourites. It literally takes less than a minute and could make someone’s day.


Until next time, dear friends. Keep living that dream…

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