I’ve Turned Into My Mother

It’s officially happened, I’ve become my mother.

The line was crossed on the 1st of May, it took 243 days from when I became a stay at home dad to cross that line.

‘It was going to happen some day!’

I read an article previously that said you turn into your mother by the age of 27. Now granted this ‘article’ (and I use the term very very loosely) was probably in one of the various women’s magazines I buy my wife to stay in the good books (by keeping her up to her neck in celebrity gossip, instead of thinking up jobs for me to do).

I’m 37, a full 10 years off but it has definitely happened. I don’t know why its taken me an extra 10 years, maybe its because ….I’m a man? maybe its because 30 is the new 20 (again women’s magazines told me this) who knows! Maybe its because I secretly* read women’s magazines (also white jeans are making a comeback in summer 2017, but that’s a story for another day).

*previously ‘secretly’ (how else would I know who’s fat and who’s not eh?)

How did I know I’d finally crossed the ‘becoming your mother’ threshold?


Yes I uttered the words “You know there starving children in the world?” when trying to get my 7 year old to eat food. It was a step too far.

As previously discussed on the Daddy Poppins Facebook page I knew I’d taken on some typical ‘Irish mammy’ tenancies from day one

I posted this only 9 days into the stay at home dad journey with the caption ‘Level 1 of becoming your mother complete’

but this latest ‘kids starving’ statement was the final straw. .

Have you turned into your mother yet? At what age did it happen? How did you know? Let me know in the comments


In case you think I’m going a little over the top here did you see what I tweeted on Tuesday!!



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