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The You Have To Laugh Comedy Parenting Awards 2017

A few weeks ago we asked you to nominate your favourite comedy parenting bloggers for the inaugural You Have To Laugh Comedy Parenting Awards. You did just that so we then picked out the most nominated in each category and announced the finalists on Facebook. If you didn’t join us for that particular social media extravaganza, you can find all the finalists below:

Best Comedy Parenting Blog

The main award – for the most consistently funny and awesome parenting blog of the year! The one that nails it every single time and is your must read.

Beta Mummy

Daddy Poppins

Me, Annie Bee

Popcorn For Lunch


Best Comedy Parenting Post

We had a stack of nominations for this one, so we’ve picked out the 8 that were most nominated. To make an informed choice you can read each one by clicking on the links below!

Bell From Bow – 7am

Me, Annie Bee – The Real Summertime

Daddy Poppins – Pros & Cons Of Black Sand Beaches

Popcorn For Lunch – 10 Things That Get On My Goat

The Stented Papa – He Said, She Said – Bloggers Ed – Daddy Poppins

Beta Mummy – Even Beta Mummy Remembers Her Smear Test

Notaneffingfairytale – Potty Training Damien

Pass The Wine Please – My Birth Story (Sorry Linda)

Best Comedy Parenting Blogger on Social Media

There can be no doubt that, love it or hate it, social media is a massive part of blogging these days. This award recognises the blogger that most regularly has you chortling at their social media feed. Be it from sharing jokes, funny stories or brilliantly shareable memes, the choice is yours!

Daddy Poppins – TwitterFacebookInstagram

Me, Annie Bee – TwitterFacebookInstagram

Popcorn For Lunch – TwitterFacebook – Instagram

Contributor of the Year

We’ve featured well over 300 posts on You Have To Laugh since we launched in November 2016 and they are all pretty awesome, even if we do say so ourselves! But who is your favourite contributor?! The finalists are:

Bell From Bow

Beta Mummy


Pass The Wine Please


The Rules…

The You Have To Laugh Comedy Parenting Awards 2017 are open to anyone in the world (even you!) and everyone is entitled to vote for one person / post in each category. If you only want to vote in certain categories you can do that too. The only thing you can’t do is vote more than once – well technically you can but only your first vote will count so it would be a terrible waste of time to cast 100 votes!

Voting opens on 1st November 2017 and closes at midnight UK time on 30th November 2017.

To nominate your favourites for each category just fill in the form below. The winners in each category will not only be awarded with an immense feeling of pride and pleasure, they will also each receive an epic mug from our friends at Paladone, as shown below (tea not included – because it would spill – obvs):

Happy voting!

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