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YHTL Weekly Highlights – 13 to 19 Feb 2017

Like an irritating itchy rash that you just cannot seem to shift, YHTL Weekly Highlights is back for another week of shamelessly rehashing funny bits from the past 7 days, lazily linked together with some semi-humorous drivel provided by my good self. To be fair though, if you haven’t religiously read the site this week this post will provide you with all the best bits in a pretty short space of time. So if your little one is having a nap, or they’re watching the 30 minute special of Fireman Sam for the 12th time this week, why not grab a cuppa and browse through this week’s best bits? You’ll almost definitely not be too disappointed. Onwards…


Like an adder unexpectedly biting your leg in the park, Monday arrived out of nowhere and brought you another memorable comedy interview – this time with the very, very funny Min from Single Mum Speaks taking centre stage. She talked about Japanese alcohol, rocky road sundaes and being moaned at by her mum and was a damn sight more interesting that most of the BAFTA acceptance speeches I sat through the other night. Here it is!


As it tends to do, Tuesday followed Monday and brought you our first featured post of the week. It was all about the absolute nightmare that converting your super-expensive travel system from the pram bit to the buggy bit can be, especially if you lost the various attachments! The post was very funny and by a new contributor, Rebel Baby Diaries.

Of course, no Tuesday would be complete without our #cheesyTuesday joke (except for days on which we forget to do one!). Here it is in all its glory:


Hump Day came and went, but not before we shared with you a post from the generally wonderful James from A Life Just Ordinary. He really is everything you would want in a man and so much more. His post was about the challenges of trying to work out what your toddler actually means when he says things. The post was on Huff Post too, but it was on here first because that’s how we roll. #pioneering

We also shared this excellent video with you on our Facebook page:


We don’t publish anything new on Thursdays. Can’t quite remember why, but I’m sure there was a good reason for it at the time. What we do do (love the English language!) is host our weekly #YHTLchat, where we pose a innovative, thought-provoking question and a handful of you provide some witty responses in return, if you can be bothered. Here is that question, followed by some of our favourite answers from Twitter and Facebook:


With the weekend popping its pretty little face over the horizon, Friday brought you another featured post from mumonthenetheredge. I can almost guarantee that this is the best blog ever to have been created in Nether Edge. This post was all about the striking similarities between how a toddler behaves and how the small-handed giant Wotsit at the White House behaves. It’s quite astounding when you think about it!


It may have the word ‘turd’ in it, but Saturday was anything but shit this week with a very funny featured post from Why Keep Mum? It was all about breastfeeding and how bloody difficult it can be – a subject I’m sure most of you can relate to, however successful you were!

Sunday & Beyond

This is pretty much it for today. But to keep you firmly perched on the edge of your seats I can give you the heads up that next week will bring you another brilliant parenting interview featuring Katie from The Squirmy Popple, and featured posts from Single Mum Speaks, Bell From Bow, Winnettes and applytofaceblog! If that doesn’t make you want to pop back for a nose every day next week I don’t know what will.

Thanks for reading. It means THE WORLD.

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