So You Think You’re Funny? – Episode 9 – Katie from The Squirmy Popple

Week 9 would you believe?! Although nine sounds like ‘no’ in German, it’s very much yes, yes, yes for ‘So You Think You’re Funny?‘ as we move tantalisingly close to double figures. Will we make it?

SPOILER ALERT – Judging by the fact that we still have loads of completed interviews sitting in our inbox the answer would appear to be a resounding ‘yes’.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves with talk of Week 10, because today it’s all about Week 9 and Week 9 is all about Katie from The Squirmy Popple. Katie is a regular contributor on this here website and is therefore really rather swell in our books. But will she manage to provide chortle-worthy responses to our questions? Judge for yourself!

SPOILER ALERT 2 – Yes, yes she will.

1. Tell us about yourself in 20 words or less:

Glasgow-based New Yorker, newish mum, digital content marketer, cheese lover and book nerd.

2. Now do the same as if through the eyes of your worst enemy:

That antisocial American girl with the big hair.

3. When and why did your child(ren) last make you laugh?

Tonight, when my daughter spent about 20 minutes doing a weird interpretive karate-style dance to no music whatsoever.

4. Do you try to be funny when you are writing? Tell us a bit about your blogging ‘process’. Hahaha – a blogging process.

There’s no method to my madness. I just start writing when I have an idea and see where it takes me. I consider myself a funnyish writer, since I don’t actively try to write comedy, but most things that I write have a slightly humorous, tongue-in-cheek quality to them.

5. What do you think is the funniest thing you’ve ever written?

I don’t know if this is the funniest, but I really enjoyed compiling this list of horrible gifts for a baby boy on Etsy. I did an Etsy anti-gift list for Christmas last year too. If you’re stuck for something to write about, have a scroll through Etsy – you’re guaranteed to find some pretty amazing(ly bad) material.

6. What or who do you rate as the funniest…

◦ TV Show? Community.
◦ Comedian? Amy Poehler. LOVE her. Tina Fey too.
◦ Writer/blogger? Hurrah for Gin – her drawings are genius.

7. Do your friends/family find you funny in ‘real life’?

They probably think I’m a bit haha funny, but more unusual funny.

8. Go on, tell us a joke.

Me: I’m going to tell you a knock knock joke. You start.
You: Knock knock.
Me: Who’s there?
You: [Confused silence]
I nearly peed myself the first time my friend told me this one.

9. What’s your tipple?

Sparkling wine. God, I’m such a girl.

10. If you could only have one meal every day for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

Cheese with wine and crusty bread. I’d be so bloated and so drunk. It would be glorious.

11. Complete the sentence; ‘Before I had a child…’

Before I had a child, I could do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted and I didn’t f***ing appreciate it.

12. In your opinion, what is the worst children’s TV show, and why?

The Popple isn’t that into children’s TV shows – she only really likes music videos. My least favourite on her current playlist is Runnin’ Down a Dream by Tom Petty – brilliant song, nightmare-inducing animated video.

13. Please tell us about your blog and why we should visit.

My blog is mostly funnyish musings about newish parenthood with occasional soppiness and a healthy dose of justifiable rage. You can find me at The Squirmy Popple.

Just like finishing a bottle of fine wine, the end of the interview has arrived with a mixture of satisfaction that you enjoyed it and disappointment that it’s all over. But much like finishing a bottle of wine there’s always plenty more in the wine rack! So if you would like some more ‘wine’ there is plenty more in our ‘rack’, which you can access by clicking here for our cellar of joy. Tenuous much?! See you all next week…

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