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So You Think You’re Funny? – Episode 8 – Min From Single Mum Speaks

It’s Week 8 in the ‘So You Think You’re Funny?’ house and the fun just keeps on coming, like hour 3 at soft play where the floor is entirely covered in a variety of toddler bodily fluids and the screams can be heard from over a mile away as crazily over-exerted children wreak havoc.

This week we have the wonderful Min in the chair of mirth, supplying us with some very funny answers to our pretty bog standard questions. To be fair, these are probably the most comprehensive answers relating to alcohol and food that this series has ever seen. It’s a joy. It’s a revelation. It’s Min, from Single Mum Speaks.

1. Tell us about yourself in 20 words or less:

I’m Min; teacher, single mother by choice, collector of shoes, slave of small boy, and drinker of Mummylattes.

2. Now do the same as if through the eyes of your worst enemy:

Failed at life, no one would marry her and now she lives with her mother and gets told off a lot.

Did my mother write that?

3. When and why did your child(ren) last make you laugh?

I know it’s a cliche, but my son just learned the word ‘poo’ and he’s not afraid to use it!

4. Do you try to be funny when you are writing? Tell us a bit about your blogging ‘process’.

I try to be witty, or ‘humorous’ as my mother puts it, although not necessarily always laugh out loud funny. I admit I do go back over what I’ve written and try to make it funnier. My humour tends to come from my choice of words rather than the actual events being described (I thin. Someone please tell me I’m funny!)

5. What do you think is the funniest thing you’ve ever written?

I was terrified I would offend everybody, but some people seem to like this parody of a mummy blogger!

6. What or who do you rate as the funniest…

TV Show? Father Ted. Although Del Boy falling trough the bar comes a very close second.
Comedian? I love Miranda Hart. Her TV show isn’t to everyone’s taste but I have to admit it almost killed me once when I choke on my dinner!
Writer/blogger? Me. No, I’m serious!

7. Do your friends/family find you funny in ‘real life’?

I’d like to say yes, but my brother once told me my blog was ‘surprisingly’ funny and that I was ‘much funnier in writing than in person’. So I take it that’s a no then!

8. Go on, tell us a joke.

Donald Trump is president of the USA.

9. What’s your tipple?

Just one? I have a top ten. Sauvignon Blanc usually, but if that’s not available I’ll accept a Grasshopper cocktail, a can of Japanese alcopop, Super Chu-Hi or an Oolong Hai, which is a Japanese drink made with Shochu and iced Oolong tea. I used to live in Japan and I miss the drinks!

10. If you could only have one meal every day for the rest of your life, what would you choose?


I’m going for chilli tofu puffs as a starter, an Indian buffet for main course, and a Harvester Rocky Road Sundae for dessert. Then maybe a cheese board. WITH HALLOUMI. Oh God I forgot avacado. I have to fit an avacado in somewhere. Maybe with the cheese board?

11. Complete the sentence; ‘Before I had a child…’

I was well known for being a style icon.

12. In your opinion, what is the worst children’s TV show, and why?

The one I switched off in disgust the other day. I don’t recall the name and have no wish to, but involved a dystopian version of Trump’s America, where everyone drove a racing car, no one walked anywhere and the lone female character was a mermaid whose sole purpose was being ogled by the boys as they drove around. I switched it off immediately and handed my son a copy of We Should All Be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie to read instead to offset the offensive messages. Well, I tried to but he cried so I had to placate him with something involving planes flying around the solar system looking at planets. Much improved.

13. Please tell us about your blog and why we should visit:

It’s ‘quirky’ (not my description but I liked it) with a mix of topical and parenting posts, flights of fancy involving the Pontipines involving themselves in Shakespearean tragedies, and my sarcastic take on the usual fodder about blogging tips and all that meta-blogging rubbish. plus I will give you cake. Or maybe even one of Harvester’s finest Rocky Road Sundaes!

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