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YHTL Weekly Highlights – 20 to 26 Mar 2017

Hopefully you’ve all had a lovely Mother’s Day and been spoilt rotten. I doubt many people choose to start a family purely so they can get breakfast in bed and presents once a year, but I guess it’s still pretty cool anyway. Of course, mothering Sunday is not the only awesome thing that’s happened this week, and this little recap will hopefully jog your memory of all the chortle-worthy times you’ve had scrolling through the site over the past 7 days! So let’s get cracking with our YHTL Weekly Highlights


We love to interview lots of our super-funny blogging friends out there and this week was no exception as the lovely Dawn from Rhyming With Wine took her place on our hotseat of joy. Dawn’s blog is always very funny and filled with awesome parenting rhymes. Her interview was also very funny, albeit rhyme-free and about 2 months later than planned! Have a read!


Today was our last ever #cheesyTuesday joke of the week – predominantly because we can’t find any more cheese-based jokes that aren’t complete arse. We’ll think of a new theme for next week, I promise. But for now here is that last ever joke. Totes emosh.

Tuesday also brought along another awesome featured post in the form of #blundenfailblog. Never-before-seen and really rather funny, this post also contained one of the most unexpected f-bombs ever seen in a parenting post! It’s well worth a read, so, um, go read it!


For Wednesday we visited the other side of the world again for another very entertaining post from Thorny Lullaby. This one was all about the day to day stresses of living with little people – as we all know sometimes it’s not easy!


Nothing new today apart from our weekly #YHTLchat question. Here it is, followed by some of our favourite answers from the week! If you want to take part just pop along to our Twitter or Facebook around 7.45pm any given Thursday!


A double-header today, as we had a top featured post and a bit of a news expose! The post was from Thimble And Twig and gave us some incredibly helpful potty training advice direct from someone who has been through it!

The ground-breaking news article was by James from A Life Just Ordinary (that’s me, btw) all about the fact that ‘open letters’ have now overtaken emails and actual letters as the most popular form of written communication! This is one that could actually be true given how many of the bloody things I’ve read recently!


With all eyes firmly fixed on Mother’s Day the following day, it seemed like a good day to feature a brilliant adaptation of The Monkey Puzzle by mumonthenetheredge. It’s excellent and well worth a read – just like everything else from Sheffield’s finest!

Mother’s Day

It would be harsh not to include this from Fran (aka the Queen of memes) at Whinge Whinge Wine to finish the week off in style! She really does come to life when the clocks change, even if she pretends to hate memes…

See y’all next week for more of the same. Well, it’ll be different stuff, obvs, but it’ll still be funny and parenty. You’ll love it I’m sure…

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