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Amtico is the No.1 Household Flooring Option

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When you require a flooring which is available in all shapes and sizes, colours and textures, whilst still providing superior quality, you need luxury wood effect vinyl flooring

Amtico provides the ultimate durability and style options that you would expect to see when looking for a flooring which is luxurious in your home. Amtico helps to create the safest environment for your family and has a longer lifespan than other flooring options. The simple maintenance required means that whatever activities your household is host to, you’re not going to spend hours undoing the damage to your flooring later.

Amtico as a Definition

Amtico is a UK’s leading brand in luxury vinyl flooring, which effortlessly replicates the style of any authentic flooring material you might see when browsing for the best flooring for your home.

This brand has spent years perfecting how to look and feel precisely like authentic materials, whether its wood, stone, ceramic, or any other alternative material. Actually, Amtico luxury vinyl tile looks so authentic that vinyl flooring shoppers are shocked when they discover it is in fact not an authentic material.

What’s the cherry on top? Amtico luxury vinyl flooring has insulating qualities which mean your heating bill is always kept to a minimum.

Keeping Up Appearances

When vinyl flooring is compared to other options such as laminate flooring or carpet, Amtico immediately overtakes them both when you begin to add up the pros and cons. It’s instantly evident that Amtico vinyl flooring is a far easier and speedier options if you like flooring to maintain its newly installed appearance. Afterall, who wouldn’t want luxury to last longer?

A quick sweep to your floor with a domestic soft bristled brush will remove all dirt as well as dust away the bris. Following this with a thorough mop using a light soap solution brings up original shine. You may even choose to use Amtico’s flooring care products after, which will enable your warranty to remain unaffected.

Especially after your flooring has been victim to heavy foot traffic, a deep clean is sometimes in order. If you want your flooring to have the very best appearance, opting for Amtico flooring stripper once or twice a year is a great option to keep your flooring at full health and shine.

After using the flooring stripper, Amtico’s own flooring dressing must be applied by first ensuring that all dusk, marks and dirt are cleaned away from flooring prior to layering the LVT.

No Harm, No Foul with Amtico

When you’re investing in your flooring, its important to into your furniture and fixtures and fittings, you’d bound to be aware of how your existing furniture and fixtures may damage or break your flooring.

Not to worry, Amtico have this covered too. Adding in protective pads beneath the feet of furniture will keep scratch marks and scuffs away, even on those pieces of furniture which are especially heavy or have significantly sharper feet then others.

Even when you’re browsing the lowest price Amtico flooring range you’ll find outstanding collections such as Amtico Click Smart or Amtico Parquet, which will have you wondering… “how will I ever pick a shade?” you will be truly spoilt for choice with Amtico.

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