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YHTL Weekly Highlights – 14 to 27 Aug 2017

As the tall, dark, handsome stranger gazed longingly into Emma’s eyes from across the cafe the tension in the air was palpable. Was this the moment she had been waiting for? Was he finally going to make his move – the move that Emma had been longing for since their first chance encounter some months ago?

As her breath became deeper and more intense, she could feel her heart beating within her chest like a tiger desperate to escape from its cage. As the stranger moved slowly, slowly closer Emma’s body tingled with desire. Although she knew she shouldn’t, she was desperate to give herself entirely to him.

It was all she could think of. It was all she had thought of for many weeks. It was all she wanted to think about.

Before she knew it, the stranger was so close that Emma could almost feel his breath entwined with hers. This was it. This was the moment she had only dared dream of. She closed her eyes and moved her lips towards his, her arm nervously reaching out to feel his touch against her skin.

Suddenly, Emma felt a light buzzing against her leg, and a ping which pierced through the tension like a warm knife through butter.

She gently removed her mobile phone from her pocket. The YHTL Weekly Highlights had arrived on her phone like a joyful lark landing on its nest.

As the stranger leaned in to kiss her, she sharply turned away from him and instead immersed herself in the joy of parenting humour.

She KNEW she had made the right choice.

There would surely be future encounters with the stranger – but only one chance to read this week’s YHTL Weekly Highlights. And the time was right now. And it all began with


Since our last weekly highlights we’ve had two comedy interviews, both of which have been more brill than a brillo pad. The first was from Twitter’s own @TwinzerDad and was our first ever interview with a non-blogger! Here it is…

This week we featured This Mum Can Fitness who combines her life as a personal trainer with her life as a mum. She did a cracking job with the interview as you can see here…


Our first Tuesday in this fortnightly look back was from Me, Annie Bee, who gave us a musical rendition about the wonder of Summertime with children. Ella Fitzgerald had nothing on this!

This Tuesday’s post was just as awesome and came from Old House In The Shires. It was about how we as parents can best cope with our small people actually being old enough to drive a car legally!


Two Wednesdays and two hump days to delight you with. The first one came courtesy of Everyone’s Buck Stops Here and talked about the magic of going camping with kids in the glorious British weather.

This Wednesday was another gripping installment from A Blog About Raising My Autistic Son on their history of holiday catastrophes!


As our regular readers will know, Thursday is our Totally Honest, Unbiased Reviews & Stuff Day. Basically it’s a day when we either publish reviews that are honest and unbiased, or we publish stuff. And boy, did we have some totally honest, unbiased reviews and stuff for you over the past two weeks?!

First up was my mildly comical, totally fake news about a gender reveal that went a bit wrong. So well written that my mum didn’t realise it was actually made up and was genuinely quite annoyed about the thoughtless pink paint exploits of Toni & Guy.

So last week we had the stuff, and now this week we have the review – a review of a personalised mobile phone case written by the lovely Bell From Bow no less!


I genuinely can’t remember why there wasn’t a new post published on the first Friday of our fortnight – I’m sure it was probably Fran’s fault somewhere along the line. However, this week we definitely had one and what a lovely one it was, courtesy of It’s A Drama with a post all about how great teenagers can be – in moderation!


We had a brand new super duper guest contributor last Saturday and she talked all about the shock and horror of a teenager being offered a meal without meat in it! It was actually really funny and was by our new friend at Midlife Dramas In Pyjamas. Looky looky…

And this Saturday we’ve been back to the lovely Celine at Bell From Bow for her insights into how best to survive a bank holiday weekend with small people. Personally I’ve been to work every day of the whole weekend, and tomorrow, so that’s pretty much nailed that one for me!!

And there we have it. Another week has passed and we have been here with you every step of the way to make you giggle a little bit and to hopefully help you to realise that we are all going through the same things together! Just that some of us write about it more than others and some of us are quite sweary!!

See you all next week for much, much more of the same – all starting tomorrow on Bank Holiday Monday with a lovely interview with the very funny Kat from Confessions Of A Working Mum.

So until next time. It’s been emotional.

PS – I’m also available to write romantic fiction – very reasonable rates.

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