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The Reflux Is A (Grumpy) Child…

I think all of my posts from now on will be based around song lyrics from the 80s! Anyway, you’ve probably taken a stab in the dark and guessed that this post is about reflux – the bane of a new parent’s life (and probably a bit shitty for the little ones too!)

So what exactly is reflux? Basically the valve that stops stomach contents popping back up into the oesophagus isn’t fully developed until a fair few months after birth, so around 50% of babies will spew up a bit of milk from time to time if they get a bit too full because of reflux. Hence the 47 muslins artfully draped around most households with varying degrees of spat up stuff / snot encrusted into them!

For most babies no one would ever notice (apart from the spewing) but for a fair few this reflux is a bit ouchy for the little ones because their stomach acid will inconveniently pop up rather than just a bit of milk! Unsurprisingly this is about as comfortable for the baby as it is when parents have to cram their buttocks into miniature seats during parents evenings for 30 minutes.

Anyway, that’s enough Blue Peter science for now! Why am I talking about reflex I hear you ponder? Because it segways perfectly into some humorous baby memories of course!! And when I say ‘humorous’ I do very much mean humorous in retrospect. 

At the time it was about as much fun as watching back-to-back episodes of Dora. Yes the Dora that stares at you with her demonic bovine eyes, reaching into the darkest depths of your soul, stamping on your spirit, beating you around the head with her stupid map and saddling you with every misery in the world contained within her pissy backpack, all the while teasing you with words you don’t understand. That Dora.

We had a sneaky suspicion that little one wouldn’t sleep that well for the first few months. After all, pretty much every person we spoke to during pregnancy told us that we would never sleep ever again until our dying day. What we hadn’t quite anticipated though was the extent of this lack of sleeping and the volume and consistency of the associated screaming. It was really something! Watching the little one in persistent back-arching, tongue-curling, red-faced full-on blood-curdling scream mode was horrible, especially when nothing we tried to do to help seemed to make much difference.

The doctor said it was colic and reflux and we tried lots of different things. There was a lot of Infacol flying around, a good deal of propping up the cot action, my special colic holding technique was used a lot with varying degrees of success and we did a shed load of driving around the streets of Reading in the early hours of the morning!

Effectively the little one would scream solidly from 7pm to 11pm every night and they were sad times!

Somewhere in the midst of this virtual shit storm came an actual shit storm. The doctor had prescribed a miserable substance called Ranitidine to help with the reflux. It made virtually no impact on the wailing but one morning at stupid o’clock I was changing his nappy in typical bleary-eyed fashion when little one’s exposed bum projectile shitted a 45 degree flume with such force that if I’d had been down the business end I could have lost an eye!

It plastered walls, carpets, furniture, windows, passing motorists and (if I were American) the whole of a 3 block radius. It was reminiscent of that scene in The Exorcist when Linda Blair’s vomiting head rotated but this was much more scary.

I remembered calmly shouting out ‘Sarah, I might need a bit of help cleaning up in here’ as she waded in through the knee high swamp of excrement that had engulfed his nursery, similar in appearance to the chocolate river in Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory.

It was a special time. Suffice to say there was no more Ranitidine used in our house after that biohazard incident.

Fortunately we discovered swaddling, I perfected my colic hold and we started to enjoy our scenic moonlight car tours of Reading, so gradually everything settled into place. Since then he’s been a lovely little sleeper on the whole, but those dark days will haunt me forever…

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14 thoughts on “The Reflux Is A (Grumpy) Child…

  • Oh no, I know it’s not funny but your description of the sh*t hitting the wall made me laugh. I hope it never happens again! Thanks for linking up to #FridayFrolics

    • I’m sure if there was a fan in the room it would have hit that too!! Thanks for hosting and hope you’re OK.

  • Ours threw up every time she ate for almost the entire first year. We haven’t torn up the rug and replaced it yet, but its on the list to do #effitfriday

    • Bloody awful experience!! Changing bags rammed with multiples changes of clothes for the whole family!!

  • You have to look back and laugh or else you would cry. My big one cut his 4 incisors in one weekend. 48 hours of screaming. It was hell. We now laugh and refer to it as the lost weekend. Thanks for linking up to #FridayFrolics

    • Wow talk about getting it all done at once!! Poor little thing!! Thanks for hosting!

  • I’m glad you found a solution that works for you…I’m new to the “recently diagnosed” camp (well, it still could be a dairy allergy but I can’t face giving up chocolate so let’s just assume it’s reflux) and it is AWFUL. The crying isn’t horrendous, some days at least, but the constant relentless smelly sick is really something else. Thanks for giving me hope and reminding me that this too shall pass…#effitfriday

  • Oh wow I did laugh at your descriptions! My son perfected the one enormous vomit a day technique, where he’s throw up an entire feed. He was never upset before or after and there was no warning so for about a month I just took towels everywhere we went and if I saw a gag I became an expert at catching copious amounts of sick. I never actually saw a doctor about it, is that bad?! It didn’t upset him so I didn’t consider it reflux really. And then it passed. I think he was just greedy and fed more than he needed to so had to expel it somehow… Also, my husband has tricked me with the ‘darling could you just give me a hand?’ When there’s shit all over the changing table. Sly!! #effitfriday

  • Oh my god! My youngest had ranitidine & it didn’t remotely help her reflux either, but thankfully it never caused an incident like that!

    Thanks so much for joining us on #FridayFrolics. Hope to see you next time

    • The shit literally hit the fan for us!! Thanks for hosting!

  • Oh gosh this must have been really horrible for you, I know so many people who have experience reflux or silent reflux. It’s horrible seeing our babies in pain with no real explanation for it at the time. I hope that your little one has grown out of it a little by now. We went through a phase of what seemed like constant pain, rearing up her legs and bright face, which was terrible. I hate to think how many bottles of infacol we got through. Babies why do they put us through this? Thanks for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

    • Thanks for hosting Claire! I’m sure Infacol is just sugary water!!

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