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Review: GoCustomized Personalised Tough Case

Celine Bell reviews a personalised phone case, and finds that it greatly improves the life expectancy of her tech, and also the flat-lay opportunities from her handbag.

So, we all know that when you have kids, you can’t have nice things.  Your chiffon top snags on the Velcro on your toddler’s shoes, you have snot/yogurt/crumbs (and very occasionally, poo) smudged onto your jeans, and you last saw your Ruby Woo MAC lipstick being used as part of a craft project.  But also, as a parent, you take approximately eleventy-billion photos a day of your little cherubs as they scamper through the park, try their first flapjack, or look cute in the bath.  You are also one handed most of the time, trying to text back your mum when you are on the loo, keeping an eye on Twitter whilst you push the swings, and taking a lazy scroll through Instagram when you’ve finally got them in bed (our addiction to our phones is a whole other post, but for now, I’m totally guilt-free as it’s my link to the wider-world, my mum-chums and my sanity.)  So, there is a careful balance to be drawn between having a great, shiny smartphone, and on the other hand, the need to protect it from your children’s sticky fingers, enthusiastically entering your PIN to access CBeebies.

And this is where a phone case comes in, specifically one from GoCustomized.  I spent far too much time designing one online, it’s addictive (and oh so simple).  I couldn’t decide so went for a personalised cover, featuring my kids, and then a second from one of their predesigned selections.  The design process was so easy, and the covers arrived quickly, well packaged and with great photo resolution.  More to the point, I chose the “tough case”, ideal to protect my precious phone with a silicone inner and a solid plastic outer layer.  More than tough enough to protect my phone from the toughest of toddlers, it does feel slightly chunkier than normal in my hand – if this is likely to bother you then I’d choose their Ultralight case.

It’s not just phone covers, it’s power banks, mini speakers, notebooks and USB cards – all can be customised so you are never too far from a high-resolution image of your beloved kids / cat / partner.  It makes my phone look better, but keeps it safe too.  Now, if they could just create an automatic photo filter to take the bags from under my eyes and the yogurt off my jeans, I’d be very happy.

Please note that I was given these products in exchange for my honest review – this post is my personal opinion of the GoCustomized iPhone 7 Personalised Tough Case Full Wrap.  It is given in good faith and has not been sponsored or endorsed.  The photography is my own.  You can read more from me on my blog, check out my terrible photography on Insta, follow me on Twitter or like my Facebook page.

The contents of my handbag, much improved by the removal of PomBear crumbs, and the addition of my customised phone covers.

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