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YHTL Weekly Highlights – 12 to 18 June 2017

Sunday is here once again so, as is customary, it’s time to look back over the week’s frivolity on this here website. Now I’m sure most of you have popped by every single day to check out the awesomeness of the posts from our brilliant contributors around the world like bees sipping at the sweet nectar from brightly coloured flowers.

However, there may be one or two of you that haven’t popped by AT ALL this week. Unlikely I know, but if you are in that category fear not, as you are about to embark on a journey that will quite literally blow your mind. Assuming your mind gets blown by amusing parenting stories. If it doesn’t you might as well head off now, because we’re all about the funny parenty goodness.

Other weekly reviews on other website may start in silly places, like Sunday, or Tuesday. You’ll be relieved to know that our review always starts in one special place. And that special place is…


Regular readers will know that we always have a very funny parenting interview on a Monday, featuring a plethora of awesome bloggers. Aside from the ones where we haven’t managed to convince anyone to take part, EVERY SINGLE MONDAY is all about the comedy chit chat. This week’s comedy chit chat came from the North – Yorkshire to be precise – and featured the really rather lovely Gemma from ColleysWobbles. It’s funny. You like funny. Makes sense to click the picture below in that case methinks.


It’s in our top two days beginning with the letter ‘T’ and it’s clear why, as today we featured a post all about how to identify your parent posse! There’s no need to be stuck at home alone surrounded by wee and vomit when you too can complete this very helpful little quiz compiled by Siobhan from Pass The Wine Please. Give it a go!


You may not necessarily have got ‘wed’ today, but you will certainly have ended it with a life-long love of Fran from Whinge Whinge Wine and her post about the most uplifting of subjects – competing against your little one for the title of best vomiter. It’s more enjoyable than it sounds, I promise. The post that is, rather than the vomiting…


The only time you will see a new post on a Thursday on this here website is when I get inspired to write something bitchy and pretend it’s news, or when we do a funky review of something. I was too tired to be bitchy and witty this week, and Fran has managed to offend virtually everyone that would want to give us a review to do we haven’t had any reviews to do, so today was all about the magic of social media. Although given that Fran was hungover and I was working from home whilst keeping an eye on our extension, it wasn’t quite as magical as it might have been.

Picture David Blaine sitting in that perspex box over the Thames for 2 days for no apparent reason back in the 90s – it was that level of ‘magic’. Anyhoo, what did happen on Thursday? Well we shared this video on our Facebook page:

I also took advantage of the new Facebook video profile image feature, so if you pop over to our page you will see the header now moves around a bit! Not quite as groundbreaking as when the credits rolled in that funny direction in Star Wars for the first time, but still fun all the same. If you fancy ‘checking out’ our Facebook page click here.

Finally we shared my guest post that I did for the He Said / She Said series on The Stented Papa earlier this week. It covered the subject of arguing, and included reference to my ‘resting couldn’t give a shit face‘. If you fancy a gander clicky clicky below:


As we sailed towards the weekend like the Titanic sailing towards a large and particularly spikey iceberg, we focused on dads, given the fact that Father’s Day was nearly upon us. Today we looked at bouncy bedroom bahaviour, courtesy of the legendary mystery lady of Nether Edge that is Mumonthenetheredge. It’s terribly useful and terribly funny, so if your mattress mischief has waned somewhat since your small people arrived you’d do well to have a read!


Continuing the Father’s Day theme in style was today’s featured post from Sam at Mouse, Moo & Me Too. She was looking back at last year’s crafty and creative efforts, which all seemed to go far too well. Let’s see how she gets on this year!

We also shared this really rather funny autocorrect from Jane at Maflingo – easy mistake to make!!


Yes, that’s today and it is very much Father’s Day! To all the dads out there we hope you’re having a lovely day! To celebrate we featured a poem today from Clara & Carl about this most wonderful of days! Enjoy the poem and the sunshine!

And that’s all she wrote. Until next time, fellow parents, may your little ones bring you nothing but joy and happiness. Failing that, may you have the mental fortitude to pick out the good bits and ignore the often literal shitstorm that surrounds them…

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