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Mum v Child: Who Puked Better?

I had one night of sickness whilst in Manchester (as written about here), and then the following week the big one had a whole night of puking. Less than a week later, after a lovely day out in the park with sunshine and mostly good behaviour, the small one vomited all over the floor; everywhere. It was unpleasant. I figured he’d caught whatever bug we’d both had, or maybe got a bit too much sun and excitement.

I thought that was it, over.

Until about 10pm that evening, when I was sat down watching TV, and suddenly felt decidedly unwell. Again.

Now don’t worry, this is not going to be a woe-is-me tale about how much vomit I managed to produce (lots, it was lots) or how little sleep I had (not much at all) – although I know that would be a delight.


Instead, here is a comparison of how I cope, versus how my kids (in particular, the bigger of the two) cope with the whole puking business.

Sicknote looking cheerful the next day. You don’t get to see what I looked like.

Me: Feels really, really miserable. It’s the worst thing ever, it tastes horrible, my throat is raw and it’s gone up my nose and in my hair.

Her: In ridiculously high spirits, as if staying up late is a treat even when it comes at the cost of sitting with your head in a bucket.

Me: Looks at the clock, counting down the tiny number of hours until I’ll be woken up again IF I can get to sleep in the first place. Spends a lot of time wondering how on earth I’m going to function the next day.

Her: Wants to stay up all night and talk about babies.

Me: Wants to be left the hell alone.

Her: Wants to sleep in my bed with me.

Me: Has to get up the next day and do stuff, for example make sure two children don’t die.

Her: Doesn’t have to get up because she wouldn’t be allowed into preschool even if it was on, but gets up at the arsecrack of dawn the next day for funsies.

Me: Can’t even drink water without feeling a bit pukey.

Her: Wants to eat cake for breakfast.

Me: Wants to curl up and die on the sofa.

Her: Wants to go to the park so she can go on the merry-go-round.

So there you have it. Being sick as a kid, basically the best thing ever. 

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