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YHTL Weekly Highlights – 6 to 12 Feb 2017

Today may well be ‘sun’day but it should perhaps be called ‘freezing cold, gloomy, with occasional flakes of snow’day, if the weather in our little part of the world is anything to go by! Undeterred by the gloom of the weather we are here to bring you the weekly ray of sunshine that is the YHTL Weekly Highlights. And what a week it’s been, with more laughs on this here website in just 7 days than have been generated in the entire 97 series of Two Broke Girls combined. Although to be fair that isn’t really saying much.

So let’s savour some of those glorious moments through the medium of memory and the written word, like they did in ancient times. Sing in me, Muse, and through me tell the story of that website skilled in laughter and comical parenting tales…


What better place to start than with this week’s thrilling installment of what critics are describing as ‘distinctly average’ and ‘largely pointless’ – ‘So You Think You’re Funny?‘ This week’s guest on the virtual hot seat was no other than Luke from the excellent blog Hux Life, who describes himself as a caring, witty gobshite, loves steak and hates Pip Ahoy! Definitely worth a gander.


The featured post train pulled into the station at funnytown on Tuesday, with a post by Gary from Stay At Home Dad Of Two which talked about some of the many and varied ways that you know you’ve become a parent – pretty much all of which we can all relate to!

We also pulled out another ‘grate’ cheese joke today, with this ‘cracker’:


If I had consumed slightly more alcohol this evening I could say that last week ‘Wednesday’ became ‘Wetnessday’ because our featured post from katykicker was somewhat focused on piss. However, as I’m stone cold sober I will refrain from using that appalling pun. You’re welcome.


We went to town on social media fun and games today, with such classics as these:

We also posed our weekly #YHTLchat question, which was:

Here are some of our favourite answers from this week:


Back to featured post action and this one was from our good friend Sam at Mouse, Moo & Me Too about that bizarre time of day known as 3pm when the day feels like it’s drawing to its natural bedtime countdown, but there is actually still HOURS. TO. GO! It’s very funny. Obvs.

Friday also saw us post our first ever review and giveaway on the website, as I bleated on about my love of baked goods, cartoon babies and the colour #7ea1ad. The giveaway is for a personalised cake from the grammatically stressful bakerdays and it is open until the end of Valentine’s Day for UK resident only. Have a read to find out how to enter!

If that wasn’t enough we shared some truly memorable images on Facebook, one of which really can’t be unseen. See if you can work out which one it was!


The joy of the weekend’s arrival was proclaimed by our final featured post of the week from Sharon at Everyone’s Buck Stops Here. It was all about the ridiculousness of trying to stick to the ‘Bedtime Table’ – i.e. the time when your small person needs to be asleep if they need to wake up by a certain time. Easier said than done, as clearly illustrated in Sharon’s humour-filled account!


As the sun sets on another week in YHTL-land, aside from penning this enlightening read I can actually give you some details of what is to come next week. Because somehow I’ve managed to be ever-so-slightly organised this week and have planned out all the posts. Our virtual assistant, Hank, has even sent out emails to contributors to tell them when their works of art will go live on the website – imagine that!

So for those of you that have made it this far I can reveal that next week we will have an interview with Min from Single Mum Speaks, and featured posts from our hush hush, top secret, anonymous friends ‘Why Keep Mum?’ and ‘Mumonthenetheredge’, and from the slightly less anonymous Emma from Rebel Baby Diaries and the rather dashing, debonair and generally awesome James from A Life Just Ordinary.

With all that to look forward it would be churlish of you not to pop by at least a couple of times over the next 7 days. Hopefully we will ‘see’ you ‘here’.

You know you love us. XOXO

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