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YHTL Weekly Highlights – 29 May to 4 Jun 2017

I would have written this earlier, but what with all the awful things going on in London last night and then the superb concert in Manchester this evening there wasn’t really a suitable moment for doing so. But with the time at 23:55 and with the buzz of the concert still keeping me awake, now is as good a time as any to look back on the past week on the website to help you catch up with anything you might have missed.

Before we do that though, the highlight of my week has definitely been that concert – not that I was physically there, but it was pretty epic! Not just the general concept and the fact that it was pulled together so quickly, but the actual performances were superb too – Coldplay were awesome, Katy Perry was brilliant, Take That were as good as always and Liam Gallagher pretty much nailed a couple of old classics. That finale of Somewhere Over The Rainbow though by Ariana Grande was spectacular. Absolutely loved it. Anyway, back to business, with…


Today we featured a really popular interview with the brilliant Sam from A New Essex Girl and found out that Sam has an English degree and falls over a lot, among many other fascinating facts! We also found that her spam settings don’t let our emails in – uber harsh! Have a read and see what you think!


Today saw a featured post from Rebecca of MummyEst.2014 fame, all about the propensity our small people have to thinking that they are actually in charge of us rather than the other way around! Nowhere is this more evident than in the bathroom, as you will find out here!


Today we welcomed back the very funny Pass The Wine Please with a classic tale of how your little one manages to act like an angel whilst at nursery but like a devil whilst at home! Here she compares the nursery report card with the mum report card!


We shared that rarest of things with you today – a joke about ancient history! Right up my street given my first degree was in Classical Civilisations and, in all honesty, the first time I’ve ever found it coming in handy in my general life since!

Thursday also saw our first ever #ThumbsUpThursday on Facebook, which is where we give a ‘shout out’, as the youths would say, to some of our favourite Facebook Pages. This week, we featured our most recent contributors. Why not ‘check them’?


Our buddy, and Fran’s occasional partner in crime when it comes to dodgy gift guides, Suzanne from andanothertenthings, was the star of today with her classic post about the potential demise of CBeebies! It caused her great concern at the time – and understandably so! After all, what would life be without Mr Bloom and Maddie Moate to name just two?! Oh, and the cartoons of course. Mustn’t forget the cartoons…


Our blogless contributor (yes, apparently there are still a handful of parents out there without a blog!) Lucy featured today, with her slightly concerned post about her impending 40th birthday – and whether she would actually manage to leave the house in order to celebrate it! It’s probably one that a lot of us can relate to, especially those of us that turn 40 next year…



To wrap up the week, why not check out some of the brilliant sets of answers to our #youhavetolaughtag?! We are well into double figures now, and they are all listed at the bottom of our tag post below – if you have a spare ten minutes you’ll be well advised to check out some of the responses!

#youhavetolaugh tag

Just a quickie this week before I head to bed, so that, dear friends, is that. We’ll be organising another #smilesquad meet up soon, so keep your eyes open for details of when and where – it would be lovely to meet a few of you that we haven’t yet, or just have a good natter and catch up with the rest of you! We’re also getting closer to launching our YHTL Awards and lots of other fun stuff that we haven’t even thought of yet. That’s how we roll in YHTL land…

Until next time…

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