Monday, July 15, 2024

The potential dangers of self-driving cars

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Technological advances are always well received. From smartphones to the way we watch TV, technology is always moving ahead and trying to find ways to make our lives a little easier. One area that always guarantees excitement is the way we get from A to B. Automated cars were once seen as something from the movies, but as technology advances it seems that this sci-fi fantasy is becoming more realistic by the day. 

Some firms such as Google, Nissan and even Oxford University have already created models and are trialling various scenarios and the technology involved to ensure that they’re safe and viable for public use. But, how safe are they really? We’re all familiar with the dangers of conventional vehicles and the likelihood of crashing – click here if you’re looking for a personal injury lawyer – but can we ever feel safe in a self-driving car?  

A well-publicised self-driving car incident in which an innocent pedestrian was killed has thrown the safety of this technological advancement into repute. But what other potential dangers should we be aware of?

Read on to find out more.

Standards are non-existent 

Car manufacturing and safety is well regulated in the traditional car and automotive industry. This ensures that the consumer and their safety always comes first. However, since information regarding self-driving technology is still in its infancy, there is no baseline for safety and therefore, standards are unregulated. This is great for companies and manufacturers who can go plough ahead without red tape, but not so good for consumers like you and me.

Accidents are more likely

When you get behind the wheel, you never know what you’re going to come up against. Animals in the road, an aggressive driver, a child falling off their bike into the road, adverse weather conditions etc. As humans we can adapt our driving abilities to what’s ahead, however, a self-driving car cannot. To help prevent an accident, a self-driving car must know how to react in every potential situation. Something which current software, simply cannot calculate.


We’re all familiar with cybercrime and how our digital devices can be hijacked. Well, any self-driving car would also be at risk and vulnerable. Imagine having your car taken over by hackers whilst you’re driving to work! Not to mention the amount of personal and confidential data that could be accessed and stolen from your vehicle. 

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