Monday, July 22, 2024

Decorating Decisions

After seemingly having been planning or building our extension for most of my adult life it’s finally time for the fun parts – decorating and furnishing it!

Having thought this stage may never actually come at various points over the past year it’s a bit surreal that we’re now just a few decisions and a bit of artistic flair away from the whole thing being finished.

The plastering is done, the lights are in place, the radiators are nearly installed and the flooring has been selected. Now it’s all down to the walls to add that final touch of magic!

Effectively we’ve got two rooms to decorate – the playroom and the dining room / family space. In an ideal world we’d let Joshua decide what he wants on the walls in his playroom, but do we really want an entire room decorated in Lego Batman?! I think not.

So what are the options?!

Well, anyone that knows us will know we’re obsessed with feature walls. Whether it’s a bedroom, a toilet or even a cupboard it’s got to have a feature wall in it!

In Joshua’s playroom we’ve gone for a hard wearing, wipeable paint on 3 of the walls but we’re still not 100% decided on the feature wall.

Maybe a cartoony-type superhero wallpaper? Or a chalkboard wall so he can draw on? Or maybe one of those awesome made-to-measure wall murals you can get from

They even do peel and stick in case we change our mind after a few months! As if we ever do that…

Decisions, decisions!

I can guarantee though that however tough the decorating decisions are, they’re a lot more enjoyable that insulating, boarding and painting the bloody ceiling! That’s a month of my life I’ll never get back…

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