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Crisps & Popcorn From The British Snack Co: Review

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One thing that has been successfully helping me survive lockdown so far has been snacks. Although I often moan at Joshua for always demanding snacks before / after / between / during meals I can’t honestly say I’m much better than he is!

I’ve always been a big fan of chocolate, but my go-to snack if I really need to cheer myself up / fill a hole is crisps or popcorn. They both last longer than chocolate, have generally fewer calories and do a better job of filling you up I tend to find. So we were all very keen to try out the tempting range of crisps, and popcorn, from the British Snack Co.

British Snack Co. Crisps & popcorn

The British Snack Co. Review

As you can see, the snacks are branded under The British Crisp Co. or the British Popcorn Co. Both the crisps and popcorn come in a variety of flavours, with some timeless classics and some a little more unusual. The whole range of flavours is vegan uses allergen-free ingredients.

For popcorn there are the following flavours:

  • Sweet & Salty
  • Sour Creme & Black Pepper
  • Sea Salt
  • Caramel & Espresso

Whilst for the crisps we have:

  • Sea Salt & Vinegar
  • Sea Salt
  • Sea Salt & Black Pepper
  • Cheese & Onion
  • Sweet Chilli

We found the bag sizes pretty generous, with the crisps holding 40g and the popcorn 30g, which is pretty good and left us feeling satisfied. Not to say I didn’t fancy another bag of course, but I generally have pretty decent willpower 😬

I tried the Sour Creme & Black Pepper popcorn first and it was lovely. Strong but not overpowering flavours, lovely and fresh, lots in the pack and generally yummy. And at 63 calories per serving it’s not too bad on the waistline either! Sarah spoke equally highly of the Sweet Chilli crisps that she had.

Sour cream and black pepper

We’ve since tried most of the other flavours too and can report good things about those ones as well 😍

All flavours in both ranges are vegan friendly and use allergen free ingredients and the crisps are made from British potatoes which are grown on a UK farm which uses renewable energy.

Where To Buy

As you all know it’s a strange time we’re living in at the moment, so if you want to get your hands on some crisps or popcorn from the British Snack Co. your best bet at the moment is to head along to their crisp page or popcorn page on Amazon where you can find their whole range. Just click on the images below to have a look!

British Crisp Co Amazon Page
British Popcorn Co Amazon
British Popcorn Co Amazon Page

They also have their own online store here.

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87 thoughts on “Crisps & Popcorn From The British Snack Co: Review

  • Mel Pennie

    Love Cheese and Onion crisps, or sometimes (for a change) I like to have Sweet Chilli crisps 😋

  • Charlotte isobelle

    I love cheese and onion!

  • amy Simpson

    Salt & Vinegar is my fave x

  • Priscilla Stubbs

    Sea salt is my favourite

  • Sheena Batey

    Prawn cocktail

  • Can’t resist cheese and onion


    best crisps packaging ever 🙂

  • Peter Watson

    Cheese and onion.

  • Becky Yeomans

    Salt & Vinegar!

  • Nicola Tong

    Lovely treats for my grandchildren

  • a tough one! – gotta be either prawn cocktail or tomato sauce flavour

  • Heather Haigh

    Cheese and onion is my favourite flavour of crisps

  • Karen Barrett

    Cheese and Chives

  • kim neville

    Sour cream and chive

  • Sharon Griffin

    ready salted

  • salt and vinegar is my favourite

  • Joanne Greer

    Cheese & onion

  • Kristyn Harris

    Sea Salt and Vinegar are my favourite flavour crisps!

  • Annabel Greaves

    I love sour cream and black pepper

  • Salt and vinegar

  • My hand always finds its way to the Salt and Vinegar crisps.


    When they were available, Bovril flavoured crisps were the best!

  • Sea Salt and Black Pepper

  • Margaret Clarkson

    Cheese and onion

  • Tracy Nixon

    prawn cocktail

  • Cheese & Onion Crisps.

  • salt and vinegar, always has been

  • Natalie Charman

    Salt and vinegar

  • fiona waterworth

    I love a packet of plain seasalt

  • james jordan

    Fantastic Prize 😀 keeping my fingers crossed 🤞

  • Katie Jaques

    I love salt & vinegar!


    Salt & Vinegar.

  • melanie stirling

    Cheese and onion is my favourite.

  • Christine Caple

    I love sea salt and vinegar crisps.

  • Tina Lawton

    My all time favourite crisps are Cheese & Onion! 🙂

  • Ruth Harwood

    I love Prawn Cocktail flavour, mouth-watering! xx

  • Karen Usher

    Cheese and onion

  • Sea salt. Boring, but tasty.

  • Lightly salted

  • Victoria Jardine

    Salt and vinegar every time

  • Victoria Prince

    I don’t really have one favourite flavour! I’m boring and rather like ready salted… a child my favourite was chicken

  • James Travis

    Salt and Vinegar is mine

  • Salt and Vinegar!

  • Jo Dawkins

    I like good old ready salted!

  • Salt & Vinegar!

  • Cheese and onion are the best !

  • Emma England

    Cheese and onion Is the ultimate flavour but I’m a crisp fan and I don’t turn down any flavour!

  • Beccy Rowley

    Salt & Vinegar

  • Laura Pritchard

    I love chicken flavoured.

  • Anthea Holloway

    I love Sea Salt and Vinegar

  • Irene Murdoch

    Sea Salt and Cider Vinegar

  • I love sea salt and black pepper!

  • Sheri Darby

    Sea salt are my favourites

  • Denise Walton

    Cheese and onion

  • Patricia Barrett

    Salt & Vinegar is my favourite.

  • claire woods

    Cheese and Onion

  • Mary Baldwin

    Seasalt is my favourite, especially in a cheese and cucumber sandwich – a favourite lunch for us.

  • I love Roast Chicken crisps

  • Sour cream and onion are my all time favourite.

  • sarah morris

    Cheese and onion

  • matt allison

    Cheese and chive

  • Mark Allen

    Salt and vinegar.

  • lynn neal

    Cheese and onion!

  • Darren Bourne

    I like the sea salt ones. Simple but tasty.

  • Alison MacDonald

    Sea Salt & Black Pepper is my favourite x

  • Sandra Fortune

    Sea salt

  • Emma Davison

    Salt and vinegar

  • Amanda Botterill

    sweet chilli

  • good old salt and vinegar 🙂

  • Smokey Bacon crisps are definitely my favourite

  • MERYL Thomas

    Cheese and onion

  • James Silcock

    Cheese & Onion

  • Cheese & onion

  • Louise Laing

    Cheese and Onion are my all time favourite! They are delicious.

  • Nicola Sadler

    My favourite is cheese and Onion. I could eat them all day long.

  • Sea salt and vinegar 💝 Thanks for the great giveaway 🌈

  • Adrian Bold

    Prawn Cocktail is my favourite.

  • Catherine Bullas

    Cheese and chives

  • A S,Edinburgh

    I love Cheese & Onion.

  • Lauren Reed

    Cheese and onion crisps

  • I love beef or barbecue flavoured crisps

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