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Renovating Our Downstairs: 4 Years In…

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I’ve written about the trials and tribulations of redecorating the whole of our downstairs on a few occasions before. There was the one about the extension, and more recently an exciting update about what progress we’d managed to make so far and what was still left to do.

If you’d made your way through that one, you’d know we still had a lot to do and that we hadn’t really got far with our downstairs toilet expansion plans!

Well, that’s now all changed! Or rather, it’s mid-change, as over the past couple of weeks I’ve thrown myself back into a frenzy of DIY and have been merrily knocking walls down, building new ones, levelling floors and carrying on our engineered wood flooring out into our back hallway. The journey to renovating our downstairs is nearing its final stages…

Don’t believe me? Here’s some photographic evidence of me knocking a wall down between what was our downstairs toilet and adjacent cupboard…

Renovating our downstairs toilet by knocking down internal wall

And if you’re still not convinced it was me then I’ve got you covered there too…

Most importantly this was the end result!

I can sense that you’re impressed by the suave, sophisticated look I’ve managed to achieve!

Anyway, since that day of destruction I’ve built a new stud wall where the old cupboard door was, levelled the hallway floor where some horrific murky-looking blue ceramic tiles once were, and laid some more flooring to match what we already have in the kitchen / diner / family room.

Engineered wood flooring

I’ve also cut a tree down with a increasingly blunt and floppy saw, although this picture is the end result of about a year of trying to get it down!

Cut down tree

All that’s left now for the downstairs toilet project is to get an electrician and a plasterer out to finish it all off and then fit a new toilet, basin and towel rail and finish off the flooring in the toilet and hallway. Sounds easy right?!

Oh, and we’ve also had ten fence panels and some coving delivered, so I’m thinking my next day off from DIY will be some time in 2022. Wish me luck. Or more usefully, if you’re an electrician or plasterer and feel like being generous please feel free to pop round…

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