Switch To The Zen Lane When Your Kids Are In The Car

Ahh, road rage.

We’ve all fallen foul to that beast a few times. Some more than others, but it’s fine; you don’t need to justify yourself to us. We all know how frustrating it is when a car cuts you up or flashes you for no reason. Even worse when you can see their road rage beast unleashing in your direction. Nothing feels better than giving it back tenfold and showing them a few fingers to boot.

But, behaviour like this would hardly be fitting with kids in the back of the car. So, like many of the parental compromises you’ve already made, you need to forget about your road rage. Admittedly, that’s easier said than done, but isn’t that the case with all the best things? The chances are that your daily road-based shouting sessions have become a source of comfort. Which is why we’re going to look at things you should bear in mind if you’re struggling to kick the habit.

Less road rage = safer driving


Let’s be honest; when the blood gets pumping, your driving may suffer for it. If you get too involved in shouting at red Honda on your outside lane, you could plough into the back of blue Fiat right in front of you. And, you DO NOT want that to happen with your kids in the car. Instead, keep your eyes on the road. You have precious cargo now. Let other cars shout and rage all they want. Find a calming place of zen, and remain above the riff-raff. Sure, roads are still dangerous places. Another car could crash into the back of you after a particularly involved rage session. But, in that instance, you can contact The Law Office of Gary S. Greenberg or others like them, free in the knowledge that you did nothing to endanger your kids. Some days, that’s the most us parents can hope for.

Tone down the bad language

None of us wants our kids to learn naughty words in their early years. What would everyone think? The horror. As such, we keep bad language to a minimum when impressionable ears are around. But, when you get made in the car, you probably resort to swear words like they’re going out of fashion. And, that’s sure to leave the wrong impression on your kids. Tone it down to ensure the bad stuff doesn’t sneak out in the wrong company.

Keep the backseat calm

When you’re driving, nothing’s worse than noise and destruction in the backseat. There’s just no way to keep things calm back there and still keep your eyes on the road. We’ve all had to stop in a layby and break up a backseat situation or two in our time. Which is why it makes sense to keep car journeys as calm as possible. This is very much a ‘practice what you preach’ situation. How can expect your kids to keep calm and behave if you’re jumping around and raising your voice up front?

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