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Staying ‘On Trend’ With Trendhim

Gifted for review

I won’t pretend to be the world’s most fashionable person, but I do like to look as decent as possible on the rare occasions that I do venture out somewhere decent. Quite often the bits that really stand out are the accessories and recently the excellent Danish men’s accessory and jewellery retailer, Trendhim, offered me a couple of items from their collection to try out. Trendhim sell pretty much every type of fashion accessory for men, including watches, bags, belts, bow ties and beard care, so they have every one of your men’s accessory needs catered for!

One of the things that stood out to me from the Trendhim website is that it’s designed to be more than just a space to sell you things. There are articles about how some of the items are designed and made and guides on a wide range of subjects from how to pack for business travel to how to grow the right beard for you! It feels like it’s a lot more than just a shop and that was definitely one of the main reasons I chose to work with them.

The other main reason was that a lot of the items on their website are pretty awesome. Here are a couple of bits they sent me to try…

Lemont Blue Foldable Backpack by Lazy Bear

This lightweight backpack really stood out when I was browsing the Trendhim website, not least because I love the colour!

Lemont Blue Foldable Backpack by Lazy Bear from Trendhim

It’s water-resistant, has a deep, zippable front pocket and a large main section, as you would expect from any decent backpack. However, what you might not expect is that it can all fold up into itself, meaning you can carry it around in miniature form, if space is at a premium.

Lemont Blue Foldable Backpack by Lazy Bear

Handy if you’re heading out to the shops or on holiday and know you might need that bit of extra space to carry all of your exciting purchases or when you want to head off on some day trips.

It also has two good side pockets for drinks, or other bits of kit, which is always handy. It’s currently available for £59 if you want to get your hands on one for yourself. So far I’ve used mine on a couple of walks in the countryside and on a quick trip to the supermarket, so it’s been coming in very handy already.

Blue Credit Card Holder by Lucleon

Given my love of the colour blue, my attention was also drawn to this striking little credit card holder from Lucleon.

Blue Credit Card Holder by Lucleon from Trendhim

It’s made of polished stainless steel and can hold up to five cards – useful for a night out or when wearing something where a bulging wallet doesn’t quite look right, like a suit jacket or fairly tight-fitting trousers! Even the interior is lovely, with an attractive crushed velvet effect…

Blue Credit Card Holder by Lucleon

It’s a lovely little item, but you will need to give it a good buff from time to time as it does attract fingerprints, which detracts a bit from the beautifully shiney exterior! It’s currently in the sale for £10 so now is a good time to have a look.

With free delivery on anything over £29, lots of useful guides, a really friendly approach and some lovely items, the Trendhim website is well worth a look. If you have a thing for fashionable, good value accessories, or need a gift that’s a little bit different for one of the men in your life you’re probably going to find something that you didn’t even know you were looking for!

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