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Release Your Inner Spy: SpyX Micro Gear Set Review

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Who doesn’t like the idea of being some kind of super-secretive spy, jetting around the globe, assuming false identities and generally doing exciting spy-like things?!

Not an ideal career choice when you have a young child, admittedly, but still fun in theory! Anyway, Joshua is pretty keen on the whole secret agent life – sneaking around, ignoring the rules and generally wreaking havoc, so he was an ideal candidate for trying out the SpyX Micro Gear Set. Here’s what we thought…

SpyX Micro Gear Set Review

The kit comes in a pretty exciting-looking box which Joshua was very keen to get inside.

SpyX Micro Gear Set Review
Man on box clearly taking the whole spy thing very seriously

Inside you’ll find a utility belt and four bits of spy kit to attach to the belt. You can either wear the belt around your waist like I do at work or over your shoulder like spy-man-on-box does.

The bits of spy kit are all good fun and very simple to use. No need for 4 months training at Langley to get to grips with these bits of kit! In no particular order we have:

Secret Pen

We liked this one a lot. On one end of the pen you can use the tip to write invisible messages on any sensible surface and on the other end there’s a UV light to shine on your message to make it visible.

Mystery message revealed. Spoiler alert – it says Joshua

There’s even a secret compartment within the pen in which you can hide a rolled up piece of paper with your message on if you so wish.

Motion Alarm

With this one you pop a battery or two in the bottom, flick the switch to V and it then sounds an alarm whenever it detects (a lot of!) motion.

It worked pretty well and was fun for putting on top of things – assuming you find the sound of a siren going off every few minutes fun! Joshua enjoyed it anyway…

Microphone Receiver

With this device you pop the earpiece into your ear and you can then hear any noises the other end picks up. The cable isn’t particularly long so it’s not like you can pick up sounds from another room or anything but again Joshua had a great time playing around with it.

His favourite thing was to listen to the sound of his own voice through the earpiece 🤷🏼‍♂️ I’m not sure that’s what spies use them for in real life but still…

Hearing his own voice whilst illuminating his hand with his head torch. Just like real spies do. Probably.

Ear Torch

Finally we have the torch that clips onto your ear to light things up in the dark so you can sneak around doing top secret spy stuff.

Again Joshua loved this. He spent LITERALLY HOURS wandering around lighting things up around the house like a super-secret potholer.

Checking his knee for super-secret spy things

And that was that. All really simple bits, but they managed to keep Joshua entertained for a good few hours!

If he does ever apply for a job one day at the place with the green windows or the place with the brown windows he probably won’t be able to use his experience of the SpyX Micro Gear Set in his interview.

But if you’re looking for something fun and simple to keep your budding secret agents entertained the SpyX Micro Gear Set is well worth a look!

It’s available from all the usual places including Amazon (affiliate link below) and Argos.

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