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It’s Good To Talk: Discovery Digital Walkie Talkies Review

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It’s good to talk they say – and with the Discovery Digital Walkie Talkies you can do so from up to 3km away! Ideal for when your five year-old really wants a snack from the fridge but you’re upstairs folding pants or pairing socks!

Joshua has always wanted a set of walkie talkies, so when we had the chance to try out some we couldn’t say no. The concept isn’t quite as thrilling for me, given I use them at work most days, but Joshua has always fancied himself as being a bit of a secret agent, so the walkie talkies were a natural addition!

Discovery digital walkie talkie review

Discovery Digital Walkie Talkies Review

Once out of the box, all the setting up that’s required is the addition of 6xAAA batteries and you’re ready to go. Operation is really simple – you can turn them on or off by long-pressing the on/off button, and then just press and hold the talk button whilst you’re talking and release it once you’ve finished talking. Really easy!

Discovery digital Walkie talkies
Sending out commands to his fellow operatives. Probably asking for more snacks.

You can also attract your partner’s attention by sending them an alert signal, so they know to expect a message to follow. Useful when you’re out and about and have your walkie talkie on your waistband or sitting nearby.

Discovery digital walkie talkies review
Receiving the disappointing news that his snacks are still a few minutes away

You can also choose one of three preset channels by pressing the channel selection button if the reception isn’t that great, but we found them nice and clear on preset channel 1. Finally, you can operate the built-in torch by pressing and holding the final button. The torch is of decent brightness and is handy if you’re out and about on operations in dark places!

That really is that in terms of operation, but the real standout features of the Discovery Walkie Talkies are the simplicity of use, the sturdy design quality and the really rather impressive 3km outdoor range, making it easy for your kids to stay in touch during their adventures. It even has a belt clip on the back of each radio so you can attach them to your belt or waistband, which is pretty handy.

Although they are designed for ages 4+ they are decent enough quality that you could use them at any age within pretty much any scenario. We were genuinely pretty impressed and Joshua has already spent many hours wandering around the house and garden talking to me!

The Discovery Walkie Talkies are available around the £25 mark from Amazon (affiliate link below) or from major retailers such as Argos.


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