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Best Ever McDonald’s & My Hatred Of ‘Creme’

I can’t begin to describe how amazing the McDonald’s Mexican Chicken Premiere is. I’ve had 3 of them in the last couple of weeks, and they are quite simply the finest item of food ever served in McDonalds.

I’ve always liked the regular chicken premiere and always thought it put me at a slightly more pretentious peak than those who eat McChicken Sandwiches. But to take this fine existing product and add nachos and cheese to it is just pure unadulterated genius. Genius I tell you. And to couple that with the Christmas release of the Orange Matchmaker McFlurry is just beyond comprehension. The best burger and the best McFlurry in history both released on the same day. If 2006 is remembered for one positive thing, it can only be the McDonalds Christmas menu.

Anyhoo, out of curiosity does anyone ever, when ordering at McDonalds, actually say the ‘Mc’ part of the product name?!’ Can I have a McChicken Sandwich meal please?’ Or ‘Can I have a Chicken Sandwich meal please?’ I always endeavour to avoid the ‘Mc’ part for some reason.

The notion of placing ‘Mc’ on the front of a standard product just pisses me off far more than it should. However, I can’t help but call them ‘McFlurries’, which, I assume, is because there’s no such product as a ‘Flurry’ so it doesn’t sound as if they’re just wankerising a proper word. Make sense?

Anyway, whilst on the subject of verbal annoyances, the word ‘creme’ (pronounced ‘crem’) has also begun to bother me. Yes we’ve had many years of Loreal / Garnier adverts, with various French-sounding titles of products, which is obviously fine, but only recently have they started using the word ‘creme’ as if it’s a fucking normal everyday English word!

Yes, if you want to call your product ‘creme’ then be my guest, but to start saying that ‘the creme does this’ is just wank, IMHO.

Creme is not a word in the English language. To say ‘the creme does this’, therefore doesn’t make any sense. It’d be like saying ‘Churchill offers cheaper voiture insurance’, or ‘Sunny Delight is now available in new poisson flavour’. (although why they would manufacture a fish-flavoured drink would perhaps be more disconcerting). It’s just not right.

We’ve only just come to terms with Marathons being Snickers and Oil of Ulay being Oil of Olay and Opal Fruits being Starbursts, but to start using French words as if they mean something in English and hoping no-one will notice is going too far methinks. Someone must die. Merry Christmas.

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