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Orangutwang Review

Gifted for review

I love Christmas. Spending time with friends and family eating, drinking and having fun. Of course, fun can come in many different shapes and forms, but Christmas fun must involve playing games at some stage in the process!

Before Joshua this generally involved board games – Monopoly, Cluedo, Risk – all the family favourites! But these days it’s more around kids’ games with things that move, flash, and make noises. Most importantly though they need to be simple to follow and not take long to play!

We were offered the chance to try out a game that I had seen at BlogOn – the really rather fun-looking Orangutwang from Interplay.

Orangutwang Review

Now I like primates, and the word ‘twang’. Joshua likes brightly-coloured games involving animals, excitement and him beating me so this game was perfect for both of us!

Setup is pretty minimal – slot a few pieces together, push the parrot until you hear the click and then hang the orangutan from the suspended vine.

The concept is simple. The player rolls the dice to determine which item they need to attach to the orangutan and then they…attach it to the orangutan! Job done!

Orangutwang game review
Gently attaching a lizard to an orangutan

This goes on in turn between the various players, skillfully placing the various items onto the orangutan as gently as possible. Then when the weight on the vine becomes too much it TWANGS, shooting the items and your primate pal onto the ground and giving you a bit of a jump in the process!

Orangutwang game
Primate pal approaching twanging point!

If the twang occurs on your turn you’re out of the game. It really is that simple, but a load of fun at the same time, as you never know when it’s going to twang.

Joshua loved it and, to be fair, we all loved it. It’s the kind of game that would be great for family gatherings at Christmas. But it would also be equally suited to having a few adult friends round for a couple of drinks and a bit of light-hearted fun!

Orangutwang review

You can find Orangutwang at all major retailers such as Smyths Toys or from the Amazon link below (affiliate link). It comes in at around the £15 which is pretty good value for many hours of fun!

You can also win your very own copy of Orangutwang by entering our giveaway!

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