Monday, July 22, 2024

Taking forever to get out the door? Seven things you can do online instead

Getting things done with small children hanging around can be a fraught affair. All of us have things we need to do, but having a huge to-do list at the start of the day is made infinitely more stressful when you have small people to add into the equation.

I try, therefore, to do as much as possible online.

Here are some of the things you can do from your laptop – or even your phone!

1) Everyone knows you can do your weekly shop on the internet now; my personal preference is Ocado. You select the food that you want, pick a slot and a friendly driver will pop round with the goods. What could be easier than that?

2) From [amazon_textlink asin=’B00PY3EYQO’ text=’lego’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’yhtl-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’d2f89b73-b4ce-11e7-a850-33b2c6345f3d’] to loo roll, I do the rest of my shop on Amazon using my Amazon Prime membership. I love Amazon, even if they are tax dodging immoral whatsits. It’s really handy and unfortunately my ethics have to come second to my wallet.

3) Suffering from acne or haemorrhoids? Don’t want to go and talk to a real live person about your bunions? An online pharmacy is a less embarrassing and more child-friendly option.

4) Booking train tickets is so much easier than going to the station and queuing up behind seven other people including someone’s nan who hasn’t brought her glasses with her.

5) Feeling hungry, but don’t want to cook? You don’t even have to speak to anyone; just decide what you fancy, order online and it will be dropped off at your door!

6) Need to post something? Thought of the post office queue send shivers down your spine? Do it online instead and drop off at your leisure!

7) If you need to earn money, there are plenty of places to do this online. Becoming a virtual assistant is a great way for a computer-savvy person to make a bit of cash without having to leave their home or commit to a full time job. Be careful though; make sure you never pay out money to anyone for work at home opportunities.


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