Thursday, June 20, 2024
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Cheaters Never Prosper…

Normally lunchtimes involve either being at work (so a Boots Meal Deal) or trying to get Joshua to eat something before having lunch whilst he’s (hopefully) having a nap.

But today was different. Today I cheated on my son. With my wife.

It was only his second time at nursery today and the first time that this had coincided with both of us being off work. So we had a nap, then a Nando’s and then went to the cinema for only the 4th time in the past 2 years. As we munched on our spicy chicken, it felt as if we were having an affair, behind Joshua’s back. Rather than being a ‘cheeky Nando’s’ it felt like a ‘cheaty Nando’s’!

Of course we mostly talked about the little one and how we were hoping he was enjoying his day at nursery. And we talked about Peppa Pig a bit. Obviously.

But there was no high chair. No food being thrown from the table. No colouring in. No screaming. No leftovers to eat (unfortunately). It was all very different. And much quicker! All that was left to do was to blow little one’s life savings on two tickets to Batman v Superman and a bucket of Coke Zero and date day was deemed to be a success – even if the film lasted somewhat longer than expected meaning the shopping part of the day was cut rather short (gutted!).

Hopefully little one never finds out that we went out without him though – I couldn’t take the look of betrayal and the awkward conversation that would surely follow…

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