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Where Are The Most Famous Libraries In The World?

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Many of us enjoy going to the library, but few are as impressive and impactful as the ones featured in this fascinating infographic.

The image shows some of the world’s most famous libraries, taking in the US, Austria, Japan and the UK and Ireland along the way. Starting in the US, the infographic highlights two incredible institutions: the Library of Congress, the largest library in the world, and The Library Company of Philadelphia. The Library of Congress is one of the oldest libraries in the US, but it is best known today for being the research wing of Congress. Its Philadelphia counterpart has functioned as a library since 1731, the year it was founded by Benjamin Franklin. The collection is magnificent, with the highlight for many visitors the array of items owned by Franklin himself.

One of the most important libraries is the 7th Century BC library named after King Ashurbanipal. This Nineveh library was buried for 2,000 years after the city was destroyed. 

Another historic library is Austria’s Admont Library, which is thought to be the second-largest monastery library on the planet. The most spectacular feature is the baroque hall, which spans over 230 feet.

London, the enigmatic capital of the UK, is home to the British Library, one of the most expansive and diverse collections of artifacts in the world. Every year, the collection grows by the equivalent of 7 miles worth of shelves, adding to approximately 390 miles already in place. Across the Irish Sea, students and staff at Trinity College, Dublin, have access to a veritable treasure trove of books. The college library is known for its stunning Long Hall.

Finally, Japan offers a modern alternative to historic gems with its futuristic, understated Musashino Art University Library. 

Infographic Produced By University of Southern California

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