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Your Car Buying Checklist

Are you thinking of getting a new car? Do you know what model you have in mind?

Whether you’re hunting for something compact so you can get to work with ease or you need to upsize because you have a growing family, there are lots of things to factor in before you hand your money over.

If you’re trying to work out where to begin, here’s a guide to help you choose your next motor.

How will you Pay?

Having a clear idea of how you’ll fund your new car before you start looking in detail will help you to make your choice. If you’re paying cash, you may find that you have a slightly different budget to if you’re opting for finance or taking out a personal loan.

For example, if you were to buy your car though finance from a company such as AA Cars, you may find that you can afford to spread out your payments and choose a newer used car than if you go through other options.

This is a key consideration ahead of any searching you do.

Know Your Model

Knowing the type of motor you have in mind is a great jumping-off point in your search. Do you have your sights set on a compact crossover or are you thinking you might need a full-blown SUV? Are you just looking at two-seaters or are you searching for a seven-seat?

Knowing the style of car that you want will then allow you to start whittling down your options. You can then read reviews of cars by your favourite motoring brands and compare running costs.

Petrol, Diesel or Electric?

Once you know the model you’d like, you can compare the different engines and powertrains on offer. Again, it’s worth checking out the motoring reviews to find out what the experts think of the different engines in the range for the car you like.

Also,it’s important to keep the cost of fuel in mind. The price of fuel is currently in a state of flux, so planning your purchase around the cost of running your car could vary within a short space of time.

Another consideration is electric power. As more manufacturers are creating electric models, we’re set to see a rise in the number of these cars on the roads. While it may be awhile before we see electric cars filling used car showrooms, it’s not too far from becoming a reality for car buyers.

Whatever engine you want, it’s essential that you take your potential new car for a test drive so you can get a feel for how it moves. Only you can decide if it’s powerful enough for you.

Top Tech

Is your head turned by a well kitted-out car? If you’re dazzled by top-level trims, this could factor into your search.

From crystal clear touchscreen displays to detailed infotainment systems, there’s a lot to look out for. Again, it’s worth spending some time looking at the reviews and booking in some test drives so you can try the technology and gadgets for yourself.

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