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YHTL Weekly Highlights – 5 to 11 June 2017

Yo, yo, yo. Nuff respect. Mash it up. Mash it up. Mash it up. Boooom.

Didn’t expect that intro now, did you? Anyway, back to business, and today’s business is our weekly recap of everything funny that has been on, in or around our website over the past 7 days. It’s a bit like the highlights reel to Two Broke Girls, but with the occasional laugh thrown in for good measure and no ridiculous fake accents. This week, we are going to start at a place where no man has ever started before. It’s something we like to call…


Monday was a little bit different this week for a variety of reasons. Not least because we hadn’t got any interviews formatted, and I only wrote this weekly summary half way through Sunday night. When you’re in the middle of having an extension built and potty training a toddler, sometimes things don’t go quite to plan. We did have this on the Facebook page though from our good friend Daddy Poppins, so the day wasn’t a complete write-off!!


Today we featured the brilliant Bad Dadu and his post about the things parents will try in order to get their little ones to sleep. Some of them might work. Some of them might work for some people and not others. And some are just plain shit. And a little bit scary.

By the way, if you are a penis-owning parent, we’d love to hear from you as we’re always looking for new contributors and so far the mums definitely outnumber the dads! Just click here to get involved!


Today we saw a welcome return for Sharon from Everyone’s Buck Stops Here, with her post all about house rules. Specifically those rules that you set for your growing children that, in all probability, have little to no chance of being followed!!


Today was our weekly day where we don’t feature any new posts, but instead have a play around on social media and encourage you to join in! Our #YHTLchat question this week, and some of the lovely answers, are below for your viewing pleasure:

Was quite a popular one this week. Yay! Back to normal next week I’m sure…


Another excellent post today from Liz at It’s A Drama, all about that rather scary transition that children go through when they reach their teenage years! Here she helps you recognise the signs of what they have metamorphosed into and how you can best tackle it!


Today we featured our second post of the week with the word ‘sick’ in the title. It wasn’t even intentional. We’re just THAT good. Anyway, it was by our very regular and always very funny Celine from Bell From Bow – and was all about the horror upon horror that is being sick when you are looking after a small person!


And that brings us to today. What a week it’s been. We’ve had some laughs, we’ve had some fun, we’ve had a chance to vote and we’ve ended up with the one option that absolutely no one voted for! It’s a funny old world isn’t it?!

But at least you can rely on the fact that we will still be here next week, and the laughs will continue to flow like piss on the floor from a potty training toddler.

‘Why didn’t you tell Daddy you needed a wee?’

‘Because I didn’t.’

Post Of The Month

In the drama of last week I believe we forgot to announce the pinnacle of every blogger’s career – the YHTL Post Of The Month Award. This goes to the post that had the most page views during the month of May. The results may astound you. Unlikely, but you may be someone who is easily astounded, so I thought I’d better warn you…

In third place was this one from one of my favourites, Mumonthenetheredge:

In second place was this one from Daddy Poppins:

Stop losing your, er, stuff: The Xupo smart bluetooth tracker - WIN!

But in first place was this super duper post about the school run by the really rather super Thimble & Twig. A well deserved winner!

Feel free to grab our lovely badge to celebrate your achievement!

Until next time, enjoy the roller coaster ride, and we’ll see you tomorrow for a very super duper interview with the lovely Gemma from ColleysWobbles.


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