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YHTL Weekly Highlights – 30 Jan to 5 Feb 2017

Just when you thought it was safe to go back on the internet – it’s time for another side-splitting edition of YHTL Weekly Highlights which could quite literally cause you physical injury due to its overwhelming levels of mirth. We’ve squeezed so much into the last 7 days that picking a highlight would be like trying to prize the very first nappy out of a bumper box full of Pampers – but highlight picking is what this weekly roundup is all about, so I will stop wittering on and open up the box of joy that was the last 7 days in YHTL-land. Where to begin, where to begin?!


Much like our ancestors would have referred to the first day of the week as ‘Moonday’, generations to come will refer to it as ‘So You Think You’re Funnyday’, or potentially ‘Funday’ for short. We had another marvellous comedy interview this week and it was with our second dad of the series – Jeff from Drooling Daddy. He told us about his hatred of Caillou, his love of steak and the fact that he is a ‘happy asshole’.


Tuesday say our first featured post of the week, and was provided courtesy or Ellamental Mama. It was all about toddler sleep clocks and how in a very rare number of cases they DON’T. WORK. AT. ALL. It’s a very funny post and one that I’m sure a lot of people can relate to!


Kat from Confessions of a Working Mum provided the laughs on Wednesday with a post about how much ‘fun’ it is to parent whilst horribly hungover and what a ‘good idea’ it is to drink some mulled wine to aid your recovery! If you couldn’t relate to the sleep clock post you’d almost be guaranteed to be able to relate to this one!


As you know we don’t have any featured posts on a Thursday – instead we tart around on social media all day and then have a go at #YHTLchat from 7.30pm! This week we asked :

Here are some of our favourites:

We also hit you with this gag – we can only apologise…


As the weekend lurched ever closer, Friday was back to featured post action with a previously unpublished post from Fi from A Mum Track Mind offering us an insight into the subtle differences between a ‘girl boss’ and a ‘mum boss’. Which one are you more like?!

We also shared some funny things from the www on Facebook:


The weekend arrived with a bang with a tale about baby massage from the lovely and very funny new blog What You Don’t Expect When You’re Expecting. It’s one of those things that sounds like a great idea at the time, but sometimes doesn’t always turn out to be the relaxation-fest that you’re expecting!

We also shared our first parenting wisdom tip – we hope it was extremely helpful…


Sundays are all about looking back over the week with these awesome roundups. As you can see, today is no exception! It’s also about looking ahead to the joys of next week – if we were significantly more organised this would be easy – however, we can tell you that Monday will bring another brilliant comedy interview and that this time it will be with the very funny Luke from Hux Life.

We can also tell you that there will be another 4 featured posts to wrap your laughing gear around and that at least one of them will be brand spanking new! We’ll also be having our first giveaway – AND IT WILL INVOLVE CAKE!! So keep popping by the website each day and hopefully you’ll find something you like.

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