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The Joy Of Logos: Logojoy Review

Making logos can be fun.

For example, if you are artistically gifted and like drawing cute images to intricately represent everything you want your ‘brand’ to ‘say about you’ then you’re onto a winner!

Or if you are a bit of a whizz on Photoshop and have a few hours / weeks / months to tart around with your logo until it screams perfection, then you’re well on your way.

If, however, you’re like most of us and would love to create something striking but would much rather someone else did the leg work for you at an affordable price then read on!

The lovely people at Logojoy provide just what we were looking for, and they kindly let us have a good old play with their premium logo making package so we could tell you all if it was any good or not. If you’re short on time, the simple answer is ‘yes, it is good’ – however, if you crave further details, then I have them for you in abundance!

The Basics

We decided to create a logo for our brilliant blogging friend and YHTL regular contributor, Erica from The Incidental Parent. First off, we began the journey towards logo utopia by popping along to the Logojoy website and typing in some basic details, such as company name and slogan. In this section we chose a few ideas from a list of logo designs that we liked the look of and a couple of icons that we felt would be best suited to our design.

You’re not committing yourself to anything at this stage though as you can change literally everything later in the process. All it does at this stage is give the software some ideas to work with.

Once we had input our info, the website generated literally hundreds of potential logos designs for us, which we valiantly scrolled through in search of ‘the one’. It was a little bit like speed dating for logos but here we really were judging them purely on looks alone rather than attempting small talk!

Once we picked the one that we felt that little tingle of excitement over, we moved on to the main event – refining our design to make it perfect. Every element could be allocated any possible colour variation, the selected icon could be moved around our design and the font and size of each section of text could be changed.

Intuitive Design

The bit we found really useful was that we could scroll through loads of font options, for example – so instead of picking a single font at a time and seeing what it looked like, we could move through loads of font options already incorporated into our draft design to quickly and easily see what worked best. It just made the whole process a lot quicker and a lot more intuitive, as you can see below:

Erica likes to think she’s a bit edgy (but she’s actually just genuinely a nice person!), so we we tried to reflect both elements in the design. We went for a slightly unusual font against a gold leaf cloud and a lush blue background a.k.a.  #5c9795. Here is how the final design looked:


Dream Big

Another interesting, if somewhat aspirational, feature is the ability to see what your logos would look like on t-shirts, and billboards! It also shows you more realistic ones such as business cards! It’s really well done too, and illustrates the different types of logo variation that you would get if you decided to purchase one of the packages.

Seal The Deal

Once you are settled on your finished design you can purchase it so you can use it on your website or wherever else you fancy showing off your awesome work of art! There are 3 packages to choose from – the basic one comes in at $20 and lets you use a low resolution version of the image. We tried out the $65 premium package which, as you can see below, gives you the freedom to do pretty much what you want with your image. You also receive it in a variety of formats, including black and white and with transparent background, so you can use it in promotional material or for business cards etc.

For an extra $9 you can also receive 40+ resized versions of your design for use across all the different social platforms, which is handy if you don’t have the time or inclination to do them all yourself!

How You Can Get One Too

We really enjoyed using the Logojoy package and think the end result looks excellent, especially considering that we made it from scratch and had only a very limited idea of what we wanted it to be – now we just need to wait for Erica to pull her finger out and take over the world so we can see her new logo on billboards across the globe! It’s the very least our logo deserves!

If you’ve been inspired to get creative and give your website branding a quick and easy overhaul you can start your journey by clicking here! Let us know how you get on!

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