Thursday, June 20, 2024

The Importance of Your MOT

We recently bought a new (second hand) car

I learnt a lot about buying second hand cars in the couple of weeks I was looking. Particularly that you can check the previous MOT online. It shows any advisories and you can go to the garage armed with the information.

Having two young children I understand the importance that my car is running well and in particular, is safe.

We like to take trips to the seaside. Folkstone in Kent is a favourite of ours. It’s just down the road, the kids love the beach and having a paddle. But we also take longer trips to see my in-laws in France too. We can be driving for up to 12 hours so a fully roadworthy car is imperative.

I have our car serviced twice a year

A full service at the same time as the MOT and a mini, winter service to make sure everything is topped up. I know I could do this myself and you may think that having the two services is excessive, however the safety of my children is paramount. Not only that but ensuring that your car is well looked after will save money on the long run.

It is legal requirement that your car is safe, hence the requirement for an annual MOT

I don’t know about you but these days I barely use the phone to talk to people! I use mine to book tables at a restaurant, cinema tickets and now my MOT!

It is so much easier to book online. You can choose your slot and receive an email confirmation. These is no double booking or anything getting lost in translation. Easy & hassle-free booking of MOT test is available online at KAP Motors Folkestone Branch.

Ensuring your MOT is up to date and that your car is in good running order is more than about safety. You will also save money in the long run. The better maintained it is the less the running costs long term. And if you consider selling it in the future a good MOT and service history will also stand you in good stead.


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