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Should I Add A Retractable Roof Pergola To My Garden?

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That is a question I’ve been asking myself for a few months. As soon as the weather
started to get a bit better, I wanted to take out the barbecue, invite the friends over and
make the most out of our outdoor space but, after neglecting my garden for months, I want
to give it some attention first before inviting any guests over. This is when I started to look
at different things I could do or add to my outdoor space to give it an uplift or simply make
it more inviting – it was then that I found out about retractable roof pergolas.

Have you ever seen these? Modern pergolas have a retractable and tilting roof that you
can close when the weather gets bad, open to enjoy warm weather or tilt for some shade.
I’m going to be honest, I’ve never been a fan of traditional pergolas because of their
practicality – what do they actually do? Traditional pergolas look good, yes but they don’t
offer much, at least for houses in England, Scotland and Ireland, where it rains most of the

We don’t want just something that looks pretty in our gardens, we want something
practical that will actually allow us to enjoy our gardens, even if it rains, right? This is one
of the reasons why I was hooked when I saw these modern pergolas. To talk more about
these innovative pergolas, I’ve partnered up with Designer Shade Solutions Ireland
retractable roof specialists, who create bespoke pergolas for homes and commercial
spaces all across Ireland.

“By adding a modern pergola, you can enjoy your outdoors whilst being comfortable and
sheltered from the elements.” says The Rare Welsh Bit in a recent blog post and that’s
exactly what I’m looking for. Something that allows me to enjoy my outdoor area,
something that will allow my guests to be comfortable, something that will allow me to be
outdoors no matter the weather.

I’m still considering where I would install a pergola in my garden. As Houzz explains, “You
can add a pergola as part of a larger deck or patio project, as a freestanding structure or
attached to one side of your home or another structure.” If I were going to add a pergola
attached to my house, it would be practical in terms of walking from indoors to outdoors
but then if I were to install a pergola as a freestanding structure in the middle of the
garden, it would give my outdoor space an interesting focal point, perfect to welcome

Dear Bear and Beany also mentions that “these modern pergolas can be used to define
certain areas of your garden, including a garden dining area.” That is a great idea! Defining
the outdoor dining space with a pergola would look great and keep everyone sheltered in
case the weather turns south. Plus, these modern pergolas can be fully customised to
meet any of your shade and style requirements to completely match your needs. Want
heating? You can get it. Want lighting? You can get it.

What do you think of these modern pergolas – should I get one?

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