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Is It Time To Get Your Skates On?

Items in exchange for honest review

Joshua had his 7th birthday recently and each year we find it increasingly tricky to work out what to get him! By now he has all the normal outdoor type stuff – a bike, a scooter, a trampoline along with a plethora of garden games and water stuff. So this year it was quite fortuitous that came to our rescue by offering us a few items from their website in exchange for an honest review about how we found the site and the goodies.

So what goodies, I hear you ask, did we go for? What did we find that Joshua might enjoy and that he didn’t already have?! Wonder no longer…

If you haven’t guessed from the photo above, we went for roller skates! Not just any old roller skates either. As you can see, these ones are really rather striking in design, and are also adjustable across 4 shoe sizes, but in terms of length and width – perfect for a child whose feet seem to grow almost on a daily basis! These ones are currently selling for £54.95.

As you can imagine, Joshua loved them and was very keen to try them out around the house and garden on his birthday. For those old enough to remember, it was quite reminiscent of that classic scene in Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em…

Anyway, Joshua soon started to get the hang of them and was making his way around the garden almost unaided in the end!

The skates themselves, as well as being in a really fun design and being able to grow with your child’s feet, are really sturdy and also have lots of padding around the important parts of the feel, to ensure they are comfortable and protective.

They are also pretty easy to put on and take off again, with just a few pull-across clips to fasten up to make sure they stay on securely. Joshua loved the design and didn’t moan about the fit and comfort at all – a minor miracle in itself as Joshua is very particular about how shoes feel on his feet!

As you can see, they’ve also got a big old brake on the front to help ensure your little one doesn’t fly off too far uncontrollably. All in all a really good set of skates and ones that should last him a good couple of years or more to come – once he gets the hang of them!

We also tried out some safety equipment to go with the roller skates, from the comprehensive selection on the protection section of the website, which includes every type of helmet and pads.

The helmet came in a variety of lovely colours and the blue one that we chose looked really nice up close. It’s designed for skating, but can also be used for cycling and has a nice, simple design which appeals to kids around Joshua’s age who aren’t normally big fans of helmets. The pad set we went for contained knee, elbow and wrist pads, and each part was nice and lightweight but offering a good level of protection from trips and falls. Given how much Joshua tends to fall over at school it’s almost tempting to send him to school in the whole set each day…

It’s well worth checking out the website if your child has any interest in scooters, roller skates or ice skates. They offer free delivery for orders over £40 and they have a handy price match guarantee too. Perfect!

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One thought on “Is It Time To Get Your Skates On?

  • My youngest got some roller skates for Christmas and has used them in the house but hasn’t built up the confidence to go outside yet. I must give her some gentle encouragement as they are a lot of fun. I used to have some when I was a kid and I loved them.
    Joshua’s look fab! x

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