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Review Of The Globenfeld Super Sport 2.0 Men’s Watch

I have been in need of a decent everyday watch for ages now, to use at work and when working out in walking past the gym. So when I was given the chance to review a Globenfeld Super Sport 2.0 Men’s Watch it seemed serendipitous, especially given that my playing 5-a-side football for 40 minutes each week almost definitely qualifies me as being ‘super sporty’.

The shiny blue version, to which my blue-thing-loving eyes were instantly drawn towards retails at £79.99 but the price on Amazon does tend to vary quite a bit so look out for the best deal at the best time. Either way, somewhere around £80 feels pretty reasonable for a decent watch. But is this a decent watch?

Are Globenfeld Watches Any Good?

When I whipped it out of its really quite pleasant silvery box the first thing I noticed was the weight of the watch coming in at 230g – there’s some serious metal going on in there so it’s probably best suited to someone with a decent frame. Assuming you want to be able to lift your arm when wearing it!

When it’s on your wrist it feels like a really good quality watch, especially for the price, and I would imagine it standing up to pretty much anything you could throw at it.

The strap is a glossy black metal that feels smooth against your skin and the watch itself does everything you would expect from a decent watch – it has an alarm, a stopwatch, a dual analogue / digital display, is water resistant to 30m and has a backlight for night time activities, so whatever you’re up to you’re pretty much covered. It’s also an automatic watch, so as long as you keep up some kind of regular movement whilst wearing it, you shouldn’t need to wind it often.

And yes, they are my pyjama bottoms. It is post-8pm after all.

Personally I love the blue face against the black casing and strap, and I think the silver and red detailing on the face make it look modern and sporty too. I’d happily wear it to work and out and about for pretty much any occasion, so for somewhere around the £50-£75 mark it’s a really decent purchase. You even stop noticing the weight after a while…

The watch also comes in a black version and a white version – the only variation with these appears to be the colour of the face itself and the colour of the accent on the winder. Have a see for yourself below through the Amazon link, which shows all the Globenfeld watches that are currently available.

It’s a lovely looking watch, at a decent price and even comes with a 5 year warranty, so it’s well worth a look.

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