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The Latest Trend In Sunglasses: Premium Ombra Magnetic Clip-on Sunglasses From Trendhim

I’ve worked with the lovely people at Trendhim a couple of times in the past and I’m really pleased to be linking up with them again – especially as the item I’m talking about this time is something really rather awesome!

For those of you who are still unaware, Trendhim are a men’s accessories retailer that specialises in modern, fashionable, quality products for all. Founded by two friends in an apartment in Denmark in 2007, they now operate across the globe and are home to 13 unique brands and over 1,600 products, all of which are only available through Trendhim.

For now though, let’s have a look at these rather cool sunglasses that are a little bit different – to the extent that they are still useful even in a cold, wet December in the UK!

Premium Ombra Magnetic Clip-on Sunglasses

As you can see from the photo above, the Ombra Magnetic Clip-on Sunglasses are no ordinary sunglasses! The main thing you’ll notice is that you can wear them in more than one way, depending on your required function and style. The base frame protects your eyes from the effects of blue light, helping save you from tired, damaged eyes whilst using your favourite devices.

You then have a choice of two lenses to offer the best possible protection when heading out into the sunshine. Each option comprises a polarised layer, 2 extra layers for durability, 2 to absorb harmful ultraviolet rays and 2 to protect your lenses from impact and scratches. Lenses can be added, swapped or removed in seconds as they magnetically clip on and off with ease.

So whether you prefer the reflective blue or the standard black look, or you like both and fancy changing it up by swapping them over from time to time, you’ll be stylish and protected at all times!

These multi-purpose, multi-styled glasses are available from the Trendhim website for £99 with free delivery and they really do look even better in real life than they do in the photos! So if you are looking for something a bit different for yourself, or a really rather fashionable man in your life, these glasses are well worth a look.

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