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Christmas is a pretty magical time of year in itself – the lights, the decorations, the food, the presents, the elves, the reindeer and Santa himself. But if the festive season isn’t magical enough for you already, this Big Box Of Magic set might be that extra little thing you need in your life!

That’s Magic! Big Box Of Magic Review

Well, let’s begin by confirming that the title of this magic set is accurate. It is indeed a rather large box that contains a lot of magic – 325 magic tricks in fact and there are a lot of magical bits and pieces to investigate within. Let’s have a look…

For anyone who experimented with magic sets back in their youth, a lot of what you see above will feel very familiar. There are all of the absolute classics in there, with cups and rings and balls and cards aplenty! And a wand of course. No magic set would be complete without a magic wand to wave around with enthusiasm and gravitas!

So, we’ve established that’s it’s an impressively large set, full of some real timeless magic classics. But how easy is it to bring the magic to life? Well, as with anything worth doing in life, it takes a bit of effort – a lot of effort in fact if you want to make it look as realistic as possible! Especially if you’re a seven year-old who wants things to be perfect straight away.

To his credit though, Joshua happily read through the instructions for the tricks he wanted to try out first and set about practising hard. Instructions come in a couple of formats, which definitely helps take it all forward quite a bit from magic sets of my own childhood. There’s the basic written instructions in the enclosed guide…

Each trick has its own section with its own step-by-step instructions and a few pictures to help guide you along.

There are a few tricks that you can master for each set of magical items, such as the various cup and ball tricks shown above. Having learnt many of these tricks when I was a boy, it brought back some fun memories of days gone by, and it was genuinely fun to watch Joshua learn them too.

If the step-by-step written instructions aren’t quite cutting it for you, there’s also the online guides which are actually quite helpful, especially if you prefer to learn by watching someone else do it first a few times. Just scan the QR code and the various videos will be there for you – over two hours of them in total.

Quite a few of the tricks require items and objects that aren’t included in the set, as you might expect. Most of these are things you can find around the house fairly easily and it gives the set an extra dimension outside of what is included.

Now that Joshua has tried out a few tricks, he seems hooked already. The set is aimed at 7+ so Joshua is the perfect age. Some of the tricks are simple enough for him to pick up right away, most take a good few goes to get them right and some will probably take him until his 8th birthday to perfect! But he seemed to be having fun and that’s really all that mattered!

So if you want to bring a bit of extra magic into your kid’s life this Christmas – or even if you just want to relive some magical fun from your own childhood – this is a great place to start! It’s available from Amazon for around the £25 mark, so check it out now if you want it to arrive by Christmas!

That’s Magic! Big Box Of Magic Giveaway

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