Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Clock Change Catastrophe

It seems like a pretty tiny thing.

It typically involves moving the hand on a clock backwards 360 degrees, or pressing the down button once on your phone. Or doing whatever it is on your car that you can generally only do when it is stationary and can be found under one of the menu options somewhere but you can’t quite remember where.

But the ramifications of this seemingly innocuous act for the unsuspecting parent are monumental. Some would say life changing. Maybe that’s pushing it a bit, but it’s still a massive pain in the arse!

Day 1 we expected some kind of backlash from our attempts to change time itself. Like a punishment from Father Time himself for inexplicably making it darker a lot earlier in the evening than anyone actually wants it to be, just so that farmers can do something with cows. Or kids can walk to school in daylight.

Something like that anyway. I genuinely can’t remember why we would want to voluntarily make the evenings even shorter and more miserable than they were last week. But hey ho.

Back to the backlash.

On Day 1 (Sunday) Joshua woke up at 5:15am instead of his usual 6:45am. Eagle-eyed readers will spot that the time differential there is 1hr 30m as opposed to the expected 1hr. There is no obvious logic to this, unless he heard people in their cars in neighbouring streets frantically bashing at their dashboards trying to work out how to change their car clocks and that woke him up?

We assumed that once Day 1 was out of the way things would return to usual. After all he would be going to bed at new 7pm (old 8pm) and should therefore wake up on Day 2 at 6.45am (old 7.45am). But no.

On Day 2 Joshua woke up at 4.30am.

Nothing good happens at 4.30am. Even for a 3 year old.

If Day 3 (tomorrow) continues in the same pattern, Joshua will wake up 3:45am. If this pattern continues still further, by Day 9 he will wake up before we even go to bed ourselves. By Day 14 he will wake up before he even goes to bed.

So much to look forward to…

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