Wednesday, June 19, 2024

I Can’t Feel My Face When I’m With You

Or at any time during the past 4 weeks, for some reason!

Fortunately it’s only the left half of my face that’s numb and there’s no loss of function, but it’s definitely a weird feeling all the same. A bit like the after-effects of having a filling done, but with no obvious dental or medical reason and lasting AN ENTIRE BLOODY MONTH!

The first attempt at a blood test to figure out the cause didn’t go so well as they couldn’t get any blood out of me but today was a lot more successful. So now it’s just a matter of waiting and seeing…

…and hoping it comes back to life at some stage of course!

In the interim, Joshua’s first few days at school have been going seemingly pretty well. I say ‘seemingly’ because of course no parent really knows what goes on in that mysterious window of time between dropping their little one off at school and picking them up again!


What we have ascertained is that on Wednesday they read a book about a blue kangaroo and Joshua ate a tomato.

Yesterday they read a book about a whale and a snail and Joshua had a wee in the toilet.

Finally, today they read no books but Joshua played outside a bit and ate a pear.

Seemingly in 9 hours of school, Joshua has had two books read to him, had one wee and eaten a tomato and a pear. Little wonder perhaps that he seems knackered and grumpy after school each day so far!

He does seem to be enjoying it all so far though. His friend knocks for him each morning and we all walk the two minutes to school together. He walks into class very happily, does something for 3 hours and comes out happily afterwards.

Full-time school starts on Monday so no doubt he’ll be even more knackered and grumpy when that kicks in but at least he seems to be enjoying his time there so far.

We also had the dreaded home visit from his teacher today, which went pretty smoothly. But I’ll write about all of that another day no doubt…

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