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Getting To Know Me: BlogOnToys

I feel like a regular at BlogOn these days (despite having only been twice!) and very much look forward to my twice-yearly trip up to Manchester.

For those that haven’t been before, BlogOn is a blogging conference where bloggers like me go to meet brands, attend workshops and meet up with some of my blogging buddies. BlogOnToys is the Christmas-in-September incarnation and it’s this coming weekend! I did a keynote speech at the one last year (based around this post about social media) but for 2018 I’ll just be having a fun, relaxing, enjoyable (and hopefully productive!) time.

This time around I thought I’d give the getting-to-know-you thingy a go and here are my answers:

  • Share a photograph (a recent one so people can recognise you!)

Here’s me in a bush.

  • What is the best thing about blogging?

It’s a great place to write things down that are in your head, especially if they manage to raise a smile or a knowing nod from the person reading it!

  • What was your dream job when you were growing up?

As a child I think I wanted to be a park keeper! I liked the idea of creating something that people would enjoy. I always loved any computer game that ended with the word ‘manager’ or ‘tycoon’ as I was growing up.

  • What is your lucky number?

Traditionally it was always 4. Not sure why exactly!

  • What is your favourite season?

It was always Summer when I was younger. People generally seem a bit happier when the sun is shining and I always enjoyed time away from school / uni and going on holidays.

The only thing missing from Summer is Christmas…

  • If you had to choose one what would your favourite dish from the Chinese be?

Either chicken with black bean sauce or chicken in lemon sauce. I’ve always loved rice more than the mains so anything involving special fried and curry sauce would do me nicely!

  • What is your useless talent?

Visualising things! I love staring at things and imagining how they would look if things were moved around, like walls and furniture. Only downside is that I don’t enjoy the actual ‘doing’ part much so most of my plans don’t actually happen!

I am also pretty good at The Sun crossword, but as I don’t buy The Sun that’s pretty useless too!

  • If you could keep any animal as a pet what would you choose?

I’m pretty much allergic to all animals and the ones I’m not (reptiles / spiders) I can’t stand! So in that case probably a large tank of tropical fish!

  • Which one meal would you eat forever? (If you had to choose one!)

I love roast dinners, but I also love stew with dumplings and also anything Mexican! Probably chicken stew with dumplings if I had to choose just one.

  • What is the last thing you check before you lock your front door?

That my flies are done up. And that I’ve got my phone and wallet of course.

  • If you won £50,000 what would be the first thing you would buy?

A new kitchen! We’ve had our extension done for over a year now but are nowhere near to affording the new kitchen to finish it off!

  • What is your favourite social media channel?

Facebook. More of my ‘real-life’ friends use it so it’s the best channel to keep in touch and up-to-date with people and to see their photos.

  • Tell us more about your best ever holiday

Mexico, on the outskirts of Cancun was probably my favourite. Everything about Mexico was awesome. The food, drink, scenery, beach, entertainment, people and weather were all perfect. Brilliant holiday.

Now that we have Joshua, our recent trip to Montenegro was awesome too, but in a slightly different way. He loved it so we loved it, especially the entertainment!

  • Name one cake you rock at baking

Um. None. I was good at jam-filled little cakes when I was little I think! Now I just help Sarah with birthday cakes and cupcakes from time to time!

  • Which session are you most looking forward to?

My favourite bit is the brand den looking at all the new toys that are coming out and chatting to people.

  • What is your favourite book ever?

I could say it is ‘We Need To Talk About The Conditions Of My Imprisonment’, because I wrote a chapter in it! Aside from that the first Unmumsy Mum book helped get me back into writing so that’s a good one. Genuinely though I don’t read books…

  • Which special event is your favourite? (Halloween, Christmas etc)

Christmas all the way, especially now Joshua is old enough to understand it a bit more. The magic and excitement is awesome.

  • If the internet vanished right now how would you share your message or life story without a blog?

I’d love a column in a newspaper or magazine something similar. My teacher at primary school wrote on my last school report that ‘James MUST have a career in journalism‘ so I guess my blog is a tribute to him and his sandals and red socks!

And that’s me! For anyone going to BlogOnToys next weekend I’ll see you there!

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4 thoughts on “Getting To Know Me: BlogOnToys

  • Oh no, not you again! Are you going to be there on Saturday night? I’ll have a beer waiting for you. No, sorry, I meant I’ll have a beer waiting for *me* … 🙂

    • I will most definitely be there Saturday night and Sunday night for that matter! Perhaps have 2 beers waiting…

  • I love that picture of Joshua in his Ghostbusters outfit so cute!! I love Mexico and hopefully can return for our long-awaited honeymoon in a few years time when the kids are a bit older! I have a mexican friend who showed me Mexico City and I loved it! See you at the Party and BlogOn! AK x

    • Would love to go back to Mexico. But for now will have to make do with Manchester 😂😂

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