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How To Know When You’re Ready To Upgrade Your Car

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When we buy our first cars, we want something not too big, something that will take you on some big adventures, and something that is value for money. As we get older, our responsibilities change, we need a bigger boot for groceries, something that has space for car seats – something more practical.

However, it’s hard to know when to make the switch. 

If you have had your four-wheeled friend for a while, and there are no immediate family changes that mean you need more seats then here are some reasons you should consider upgrading your car. 

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As each year goes by, around 300 or more cars hit the market. They are better equipped at handling fuel most economically. This upgrade will save you money week on week, which is excellent all around. 

On from that, you will enjoy some lower taxes, as the more efficient the car’s fuel consumption is, the lower the emissions of your car will be. 

You also have the choice to go completely electric, which is gaining popularity due to how environmentally friendly it is. 

Driving Needs

When you change jobs or move home the amount you use the car can and will change too. You might find you are driving much more on country roads and that little city car no longer has the same attractiveness. You might find that you are driving a lot more, and the vehicle that you love has no aircon and suddenly sitting in traffic in the summer heat is no fun.

Your needs as a driver have changed, this is a sure sign that you need to consider trading your car into somewhere like Saxon Bridge. 


This can be the hardest pill to swallow. You love your car and hate the fact that every time the MOT rolls around, you know that the same issue is going to come up. It’s been fixed repeatedly, but each year poses a threat to your safety. 

Moreover, while the mechanic will do his duty and fix it (year after year), it might be time to find a car that is a bit newer and has a higher ANCAP rating (or other safety ratings). 

Usually in a bit to keep the car for as long as possible, to save money, we overlook things like the light on the dashboard, the funny noise from the engine and that strange clicking when you turn. If safety is a concern, it is almost definitely time to swap your car. 

Repair Cost

This one is tied into the last one but from a purely financial stand-point. If you have to get your car towed, or repairs a few times in the past few months, you are racking up a pretty hefty cost. Older cars are typically more expensive to have parts sourced and replaced, and eventually, there will be a point the vehicle no longer runs properly, the part is too costly, and you now have a heap of metal to get rid of. 

People tend to love their cars, and that is great considering how long we spend in them – but it can cloud judgment about when you should replace them. 

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