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Four Signs That Your Car Desperately Needs a Service

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Most drivers know that servicing your car is an important part of vehicle ownership. However, when exactly should you service your vehicle and when do you actually need to take your vehicle for an examination? It can be difficult to tell exactly when your car needs to be serviced, so in this article, we’re going to talk about four common signs that show your vehicle needs to be inspected by a mechanic.

1. Your car is making some strange noises

If you’ve had your vehicle for a while then you should know how it feels and what it sounds like. If there’s anything that puts you off such as a weird grinding noise or an odd feeling that your car is struggling on the road, then it’s worth taking your vehicle to a mechanic that can provide a range of different maintenance services. Services such as Angus MacKinnon can provide a complete range of servicing options that include MOT tests and individual examination of different components to give you a complete understanding of your car and potential failure points.

2. Smoke or steam coming from the hood of the car

It’s very likely that your engine is located under the hood of the car unless you have a relatively expensive new car. This means that if there’s steam or smoke coming out of your engine, you should immediately have the car serviced. Park your car somewhere nearby and immediately shut off the engine. If the temperature gauge of your vehicle is exceeding the maximum, then make sure your vehicle is cooled completely before you continue. However, if it’s smoke, then you need to stop immediately and call a service to have your vehicle towed. This is because the smoke is likely caused by something burning and indicates a serious issue with our vehicle.

3. An uncomfortable ride

In the first sign, we mentioned that you should have a good idea of what your car feels and sounds like. If it does feel off, then it’s usually a good idea to have it serviced to see what potential issues there are. If you find that the ride itself has become uncomfortable, such as speed bumps causing a lot of discomfort or a grinding feeling in the engine whenever you accelerate, then you need to identify these issues by speaking to a mechanic.

4. Warning lights on your dashboard

Many modern vehicles have indicators and lights that tell you when there’s something going on with the vehicle. If these lights are flashing, blinking or always lit (check your vehicle’s manual for descriptions on each light) then you should absolutely take it in to be examined.

While maintaining a car can be incredibly challenging, especially if you’re not well-versed in how vehicles work, taking it in for regular maintenance is a fantastic way to keep your vehicle running smoothly. As long as you take note of these signs and keep an eye on things, you’ll gradually learn more about how your vehicle works, the warning signs to keep an eye out for and also how you can fix minor issues yourself.

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