Monday, May 27, 2024

How music plays a part in getting ready

I have vague recollections of long luxurious baths and spending hours getting ready.

In a past life I used to enjoy getting ready to go out almost as much as the going out itself. These days I’m fairly sure I do!

Pre-evening-out preparation could be done alone or in a group of friends.

Obviously the group is more fun but you run the risk of going out very late – or in some cases not at all!

Getting ready would involve pre-drinks (obviously) and party music to get you and your friends in the mood. Back in those days we didn’t have Bluetooth Speakers, we had a big old HiFi, or a boombox. At one point I had a 5 CD system with a double tape deck AND a turntable on top. I know – I was one cool cat!

About a billionty years ago I would spend ages in the bath or shower. Exfoliating, de-fuzzing, deep conditioning, washing, moisturising. All the while I would be listening to music. Even now, if I get the chance, I put music on to get ready.

When I was young and single (and still living with my mum) my friends would gather at my house. 

We’d all get ready together. We would put on music, gossip, drink, laugh and take turns in having showers. This obviously meant that taking ready became an event. A long one at that 

After spending what seemed like a glorious eternity preparing we would start painting our faces.

We’d all bring our make up bags and swap products and help each other with our make up. In the days before YouTube (or even the internet – yes I am THAT old) we learnt how to apply make-up from magazines and friends. One was good at covering spots. One was good at eye make up and another would be good at lipstick. 

These days make up is a whole different ball game involving contouring and Sellotape. I have no desire to get involved with that. I used to take hours getting ready. Now I can be showered, hair washed and and made up within the hour!

All the while we would be listening to music. Old music, new music all sorts of different styles

It’s funny how songs can bring back memories

Certain songs will come on and I will remember a party I went to, or a club or a night getting ready with friends. It really takes you back in time.

Music will always be a part of getting ready to go out, it’s part of the enjoyment!

*this is a collaborative post



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